Course Description

Big Data, machine learning and AI are well understood technologies, yet their applications in business are dominated by a small group of uber-practitioners, as exemplified by Amazon and Google. What do these companies know – and practice – that others do not? The Amazoogle class is an introduction into the strategy and technology of modern data-driven business models.

Beyond its application in well-known business sectors, the Amazoogle model now holds particular promise in delivering social equity in a range of fields, including healthcare, education, financial access and even green power. Students in Amazoogle will learn the philosophies and practices of modern data to enable disruptive applications, whether in start-ups, large multi-nationals, or social impact ventures.

In addition to individual assignments to demonstrate their learning, students will work in collaborative, multi-discipline teams to construct their own Amazoogle-powered start-up or social impact application.

All upper-division undergraduate or graduate students – whether engineering, math & statistics, economics & business, or social sciences – with an interest in effecting change through data-driven disruption are encouraged to enroll.


Shomit Ghose Headshot 2022

Shomit Ghose

Shomit Ghose is a long-time Silicon Valley entrepreneur and venture capitalist. As an entrepreneur, he held every start-up role from engineer to CEO and was part of three IPOs. As a VC he’s served on many private and public company boards, and also serves on multiple entrepreneurial, industry and scientific advisory boards in the US and Europe. In his fifth year as a lecturer at Berkeley, Shomit also holds a dual appointment at UC Riverside, and is an adjunct professor in entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of San Francisco. Shomit is a Berkeley graduate with a degree in computer science.