Wearable Medical Devices

Mariya Filippova, Allie Ahn, Roberto Herrera, Toshio Miyairi, Jinhan Choi, Cris Pierry


Wearable devices are more than just a trendy fashion statement. There is a budding market regarding wearable medical devices that can help users live a longer and healthier life. Companies are starting to recognize the potential commercial viability as they enter this new industry, but there are still challenges and questions to be answered. 

The current wearable medical device market market remains fairly open with significant development only spearheaded by a handful of companies. There are challenges regarding privacy and regulations that will not be easy to overcome. Companies handle each with different philosophies, which could ultimately impact user trust and adoption. 

The present state shows that the market is focused on the initial stage of building the ecosystem. The future of the industry relies on data management and the integrated services that can be provided to the user.