Radius Collider Project: Oct 8


May 15, 2015


By Jay

Radius, a leader in market intelligence analytics, offers Berkeley students a cash prize & internship opportunity!

The Sutardja Center is pleased to offer the Radius Collider Project to students interested in sharpening their data science skills.   Radius has deep connections with UC Berkeley and is a leader in the fast-growing market of data science and market intelligence.  The project focuses on the requirement to constantly improve the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and currency of data. The Radius Collider Challenge will provide students with a unique opportunity to learn and utilize the tools and methods used daily by the Radius team.

Project Deadline:  October 23, 5:00p (Radius will provide instructions)

Project Finale:  October 28, 6:00p (Location TBA)

Location:  Please register via EVENTBRITE

Radius will offer a lecture session on Oct 8, 4:00PM – 6:00PM providing examples of the current state of predictors and basic set up for the challenge.  You must attend the Kick Off lecture to participate!

Undergraduate and graduate students with skills in Python and/or Scala, familiar with data analytics and machine learning concepts.  Students may work in teams of up to three.  All interested students students should send a one-page resume to David Law (dlaw@berkeley.edu) with subject line:  Radius Collider Project.

A cash award will be given to the individual or team based on accuracy of the predictor, rigor of the evaluation methodology, and robustness and economy of the code base. (Note: Submissions in SCALA will be given preference) The top teams will also have an opportunity to present to lead technical experts at Radius which may result in an internship opportunity.

Project Description:
The ultimate aim is for Radius is to develop The Business Graph, and in the process, to push the frontier of data science. This project will expose you to the tools, methods, and problems we use and face at Radius on a daily basis.

Small business data becomes stale at a very high frequency. According to the BLS, only 44% of SMBs make it through four years of operation. Based on our internal validation, we have found that as much as 10% of the businesses alternative data providers mark as open are in fact closed. It is incumbent upon us to properly classify and weed out such ‘dead’ businesses from the Radius index as closures occur.

Instructions & Evaluation:  Radius Collider Guidelines