GGannon cropped profile 2022.02.02

Gail Gannon

Director, Neurotech Collider Lab

Since 2006, Gail’s goal has been finding better ways to deploy technology and people to redesign healthcare and improve health outcomes—for example, reducing bottlenecks in operating rooms, clinics, intensive care units, and emergency departments, and moving accessible patient records on demand from vision to reality. Her clients include major health care providers such as Stanford, University of California, San Francisco, as well as startups through US-MAC, PlugnPlay, Austral, the Lazaridis Institute, and other international accelerators.

Drawing on her strong therapeutics background, Gail excels at identifying and matching compatible partners. For example, she selected companies to expand OneWorld Health-PATH, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-sponsored product development partnership. She also sourced early-midstage companies for pharma pipelines (e.g., Daiichi Sankyo, Boehringer Ingelheim). Gail enjoys mentoring budding and seasoned entrepreneurs (e.g., Epibiome, Ciel Medical Devices), through the California Life Sciences Association, UCSF’s Lean Launchpad, and Stanford’s SPARK. Serving on the ASTIA and BIO advisory and educational boards adds to Gail’s broad knowledge of the regional, national, and international players in the digital health and therapeutic space.

Gail is particularly good at helping companies figure out and articulate their business value via marketing collateral and company pitches, often helping founders pivot to more lucrative markets they had not considered while delivering products and services that address UN SDGs and ESG. She’s often found at conferences, particularly with healthcare industry leaders and the Silicon Valley investor community, leading panels and making informal introductions.