Ken Singer

Managing Director & Chief Learning Officer, Sutardja Center Faculty
Photo of Tarek Zohdi

Tarek Zohdi

Academic Director, SCET
Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering

Jesse Dieker

Director, Operations

Academics, Operations, and Marketing

Keith McAleer

Chief Marketing Officer

Joo Ae Chu

Academic Program Manager

Thea Fite

Operations Program Coordinator

Global Engagement / Programs

Susan Giesecke

Director, Global Engagement

David Law

Director, Global Academic & Startup Programs

Ricardo Rodríguez

Manager, Global Programs

Margot Welk

Global Engagement Coordinator

Industry and Community

Photo of Jennifer Nice

Jennifer Nice

Director, Industry and Alumni Relations

Professional Programs

Vicky Howell

Director, Professional Programs

Aaron Lower

Program Manager, Professional Programs

Collider Labs

Photo of Ricardo San Martin

Ricardo San Martin

Co-Director, Alt: Meat Lab

Thomas Azwell

Director, Disaster X-Lab

Gail Gannon

Director, Neurotech Collider Lab

Sukh Singh

Program Coordinator, Disaster Lab

Ismael Montanez

Alt: Meat X-Lab Program Manager

Chris Thompson-Kucera

Alt: Meat X-Lab Program Coordinator

Student Assistants

Aditya Aggarwal

Operations Intern

Karen Alarcon

Innovation Fellow Challenge Lead

NanaAma Arkorful

Photography Lead

Idean Azari

Operations Intern

Ainsley Cunningham

Web Design & Development Lead

Rachel Eizner

Innovation Fellows Marketing Lead

Noor Gabr

Editorial & Content Marketing Lead

Vicky Liu

Multimedia Producer & Marketing Lead
Photo of Tara Menon

Tara Menon

Innovation Fellows NFT Lead

Maxine Sy Chu

Innovation Fellows Marketing Lead

Veerela Wang

Digital Marketing Lead

Jessica Xue

Operations Intern
Serena Zhang

Serena (Siwen) Zhang

Design Lead