Imprint Energy Collider

A Cal-founded company, Imprint is seeking students in materials sciencechemistryelectrical and mechanical engineering interested in translating unique battery requirements of new wearable and IoT applications into practical metrics and test methods for battery designers. Energy wearable and IoT products are in need of new and enabling energy storage solutions. Wearable and IoT product designers are beginning to work closely in partnership with battery suppliers, and at a much earlier stage in the design process to develop new high performance and integratable battery solutions.


Students working on this project will characterize the power, form factor, and integration requirements of emerging wearable and Internet of Things applications, and will highlight the unique challenges for batteries powering these devices. This project aims to help wearable and IoT product designers speak the same language as novel battery designers, and vice versa. This project will be an opportunity for Berkeley engineers to understand deep technology and design issues while maintaining an applied and practical focus on the exciting and growing wearables and IoT space.


Kickoff event is  on February 23rd at 4pm, please RSVP at Contact with questions.

Click here for more details and project requirements.




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