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Startup Semester provides visiting students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at UC Berkeley. The program emphasizes entrepreneurial thinking, leadership and hands-on venture-building. Grow your network, find your new team, and immerse yourself in the dynamic Berkeley and Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Our team of Berkeley faculty, industry experts, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, will make sure you learn the mindset and behaviors that drive success. We focus on leadership, innovation, and execution to prepare you for your role as a founder, business, or technical leader in today's dynamic global economy.

About Startup Semester

Choose Your Track

Track 1: Venture Discovery

Designed for undergraduates, our Venture Discovery Track is designed to inspire students who want explore different technologies, industries and opportunities for new ventures.

  • Explore emerging technologies
  • Create social impact through technology
  • Innovate and lead from within
  • Future proof a family-owned business
  • Join a global network of entrepreneurs

Requirements: Venture Discovery requires an F1 visa and 12 academic units with at least 8 units of SCET coursework.

Track 2: Venture Validation

Designed for graduate-level students, our Venture Validation track is for early-stage founders preparing for eventual acceleration.

  • Know your team & talent
  • Understand your customer
  • Validate your market
  • Prepare a world-class pitch
  • Prioritize and execute
  • Expand your global network

Requirements: Venture Validation requires a J1 visa and 9 academic units with at least 7 units of SCET coursework. Students must be sponsored.



The application for Spring 2024 is due September 30, 2023.


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