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Jay   |   March 20, 2015

2015 marks a great milestone for CET as we will celebrate our 10th year at UC Berkeley in entrepreneurial programming and training for the wider campus community.  Over the years, we have seen our excellence grow each year in expanded educational programs, newly created startup ventures, and now a stellar list of successful alumni working in Silicon Valley and beyond.  Since 2005, CET has made significant progress around undergraduate education, pushing the dial on research enterprise and creating global engagements.

I would like to invite you on Thursday, April 21st, to an on-campus Alumni Event to share with you the unveiling and naming of CET. I invite you to share your thoughts with me now to showcase all your efforts in building-up CET over the years. If you have attended any of CET’s programs or classes over the years and found it helpful in building a new venture or expanding your career in an established firm, I would be delighted to hear about your experiences! Please feel free to email me directly at

As CET continues to grow we want to create as many opportunities for you to grow and experience unique educational events in entrepreneurship. If you would like to hear more about the Alumni event above and others like it, you can stay in touch with us via LinkedIn CET, LinkedIn ELPP Alumni, CET Facebook, CET Twitter, or my own Twitter. Sign up for our e-mail list here, but please use a personal e-mail (rather than a 

Thank you for being part of our community. We are looking forward to seeing more of you this year.

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