A Message from
Ikhlaq Sidhu
Faculty Director, Sutardja Center
UC Berkeley
ikhlaq sidhu


Industry people often ask us how they can “engage”, “work with”, or generally “benefit from” the faculty and programs in this institution.  In actuality, there are many ways, and and if it makes sense for you, we invite you to talk with us.

Most of our projects and programs are designed to help people create new things, grow their businesses, or transform their organizations – no matter how complex the situation or technology.  

We simply prefer applied, real life challenges over purely theoretical problems.  My top suggestions on how to work with us are listed here:


1. Try a Workshop: My first suggestion is that you consider a short custom workshop at your location. Whether one hour or half a day, we can probably help your team with the following:

  1. adapt to new challenges
  2. expand the team’s comfort zone
  3. develop an entrepreneurial culture within a mature organization.

Over the years, we have worked with many firms, ie Google, Samsung, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, NetApp, Cisco, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Bosch, GM, Ford, PayPal, Intuit, Cloudera, Fairchild, VMware, CocaCola, Kellogg, GE, and many others.


2. Take a Class: Particularly for directors, and senior technical people, join our Engineering Leadership Program in Spring 2018. This program is a management track for Silicon Valley.  The program builds upon the core technical skills of managers, engineers, and scientists; and provides breadth, strategy, market focus, operations, and communication skills for engineering leaders to be able to take larger roles within innovative companies. The program is 4 months long and held in Silicon Valley on Monday evenings.

Note: We also have an Innovation Leadership program, a globally-oriented, 1-week version of the curriculum for a wider range of executives. It will be held at Berkeley in late October, 2017.


3. Work with us on your Data Strategy: Are you getting the results you expect from your data strategy? Many firms are reinventing their business by using algorithms and data.  This challenge is only partly technology.  It is also an issue of business strategy and leadership.  We have projects in this area and may be able to help.


4. Just contact us: You may have your own specific challenge related to how your business is changing. We may be able to help by collecting helpful data, creating a new project, or simply by advising/coaching for career path and leadership.


Our projects are typically guided by real life practice over theory.  You are welcome to work with us as as an individual or on behalf of your company. We have always liked to engage with our industry community, so if there is a way we can be helpful, please feel free to contact me directly.



Ikhlaq Sidhu, Founding Faculty Director
Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology
UC Berkeley


Affiliation Links: UC Berkeley Sutardja Center, Berkeley IEOR, Onset Ventures, Applied InnovationJacob’s Institute for Design, HBKU, and my resource repository.