Global Student Program

Study Innovation at UC Berkeley

Students currently studying at partner academic institutions in the U.S. and around the world are invited to apply to come to Berkeley to study a wide range of fields with a perspective of innovation.

Take courses alongside other UC Berkeley students. Learn from Berkeley faculty and an extensive network of Silicon Valley mentors, investors, and executives.

Option 1: Berkeley Method Bootcamp - One Week at Berkeley

The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp offers an exciting Silicon Valley experience for global undergraduate and graduate students.  The program also has a faculty track for instructors to learn how to teach and offer Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship style curriculum at their own institutions.


The bootcamp is offered in January and August each year


The cost varies depending on the partnership status of your institution.


The bootcamp brings together students from around the world to build new ventures

Build a team

Help your current venture team get to the next level or form a team at the event and build a new startup in one week

Option 2: Global Innovation Program - Full Semester

UC Berkeley offers programs for students at Partner Institutions of the College of Engineering and the Sutardja Center to apply and spend one semester at Berkeley to gain a combination of technical depth, skills for innovation and/or new venture development.

This Program is for Students at the following levels:

Undergraduate Lower Division: Students may take fundamental engineering preparatory courses including calculus, chemistry, physics, and design, and in combination with a Global Innovation Program Course offered by the Sutardja Center.  The program allows for a full 12 to 15-unit load for one semester.  Credits can be transferred to their home institution.

Undergraduate: Upper Division: Students may take upper division engineering courses including Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and Design Innovation, Challenge Labs and Global Innovation Program which includes cultural emersion.  The program allows for a full 12 to 15-unit load for one semester.  Credits can be transferred to their home institution.

Graduate and Ph.D Students: Students may spend one semester to further their research while learning the innovation process within the Management of Technology Innovation (MTI) program at UC Berkeley. The program allows for a full 12 to 15-unit load for one semester including Engineering Courses, research credits, and MTI curriculum.  Credits can be transferred to their home institution.


The semester lasts approximately four months and follows the Berkeley academic calendar.


Tuition cost for Fall 2017 is $19,900 + living expenses (estimated to be approximately $10,500)


Build startups in our hands-on labs, experience the Silicon Valley ecosystem, and take classes at one of the best engineering schools in the world

Option 3: Visiting Scholars and Researchers

Scholars and researchers interested in collaborating with our center to pursue research around innovation, entrepreneurship, and/or pedagogy are also invited to apply to the program. Applicants must provide a specific research proposal outlining the purpose of the collaboration.



Visiting researchers pay visa processing fees + a bench fee of $6,000 per semester + living expenses (estimated to be approximately $10,500 / semester)


Study the Silicon Valley ecosystem, learn our unique approach to teaching entrepreneurship to students, participate in classes, and collaborate with our faculty and students to help guide and inform your research

How to Apply:

Fill out the form to the right to receive more information.

Global students may apply by sending a statement of interest to Yeri Caesar-Kaptoech, Director of Academic Operations. Tuition cost for the program is equivalent to out of state tuition fees and a surcharge for visa processing if required.  

Current Global Partners may contact Susan Giesecke, Director of Global Engagement for Institutional Cooperation. 

A student pitching her new venture at our Innovation Collider
A student pitching her new venture at our Innovation Collider