Global Founders Program

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Become a Global Founder

Apply by September 30, 2017.

Research entrepreneurship and specific technology domains to apply to your startup for up to two years at UC Berkeley

What is the Global Founders Program?

The Global Founders Program enables entrepreneurs from around the world to visit Berkeley for up to two years to conduct entrepreneurship and technology domain research and apply it to their startup at SkyDeck, the world’s premier academic accelerator.

Accepted founders receive assistance in applying for the appropriate research scholar visa. Founders will participate in conducting research and learning from top academics in the field of entrepreneurship. Their companies are eligible to participate in UC Berkeley's SkyDeck accelerator, which will provide the resources and networks needed to grow and succeed.

Who Should Apply?

The program is for entrepreneurs (non-students) who are interested in visiting Berkeley to:

  • Research the entrepreneurship ecosystem at UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley
  • Incubating and applying research to their startup at SkyDeck
  • Receiving mentorship and advice from entrepreneurs, academics, and other researchers

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