Innovation Collider Industry and Academic Faculty Advisors

Ikhlaq Sidhu
Innovation Collider Group Chair
Danielle Vivo
Danielle Vivo
Innovation Collider Program Manager
David Law
Director of Collider Operations
Ricardo San Martin
Area Lead for
Food Sustainability and Meat Alternatives
Anju Patwardhan
Area Lead for
Mar Hershenson
Area Lead for
Connected Cars
Christopher Peri
Area Lead for
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
Raja Sengupta
Area Lead for
Drones and Robotics
Shomit Ghose
Area Lead for
Data+Cognitive Technology+Enterprise

For All Students, Industry Experts, Entrepreneurs, and Investors


Q: What is the Innovation Collider:

At the heart of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is the concept of an Innovation Collider.  It is our highly applied and dynamic laboratory which combines education, research projects, and diverse mixtures of people that all collide to create innovation. 


Q: What is a Collider Project:

Innovation Collider Projects are designed to connect students with thought leaders in industry and academia.  Derived from the SCET #WhatsNext List, Collider projects topics are proposed by industry or academic research centers and are designed to challenge students to develop innovative solutions that lead to industry or technology advancement, new venture creation, or measurable social impact.  Mentoring by industry experts provides students valuable insight into new markets and opportunities while expanding personal and professional networks.  All Colliders are team-based and project-driven and provide an opportunity to sharpen teamwork and leadership skills in a multidisciplinary environment.


Q: Who Participates

Collider Projects often include diverse mixtures of people including students, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.  

For Industry Experts, Investors, and Entrepreneurs, please see the General FAQ 

Spring 2017 Collider Projects:

Designing Cities for Autonomous Vehicles Collider
The goal is to develop a proof of concept and business model to explore the viability of a network of sensors that would augment autonomous vehicle navigation.  Of equal importance is the creation of a self-sustaining business model to minimize the initial capital investment burden on municipalities, which will speed up the adoption of autonomous vehicles.  This project is a great opportunity for students interested in smart cities, autonomous vehicles, transportation optimization, and IOT. Participation will be limited, please follow the link above for details.
See Winners at: Announcing Designing Cities Autonomous Vehicles Winners


Data Science and Transnational Security Collider
Students will work under the advisement of counter-terrorism experts to develop solutions that will leverage the latest in data science tools and technologies to increase the productivity of experts and analysts trying to stay one step ahead of criminals using social media, mobile banking, crypto-currencies, shell companies, shadow NGOs, etc., to raise and move funds around the globe. Participation is limited, please follow the link above for details.


Plant-based Proteins and Seafood Substitutes
Students will tackle new methods and processes for developing tasty new plant-based fish substitutes. Nowadays overfishing and fish farming is reaching crisis levels. Although consumption of plant-based fish products is on the rise, better and affordable products are needed to promote a massive behavioral change. This Challenge is the first of its kind effort at a University level Worldwide to develop urgently needed innovative solutions, please follow the link above for details.


Fall 2016 Collider Projects:

Financial Inclusion Collider
"Financial inclusion" is defined as access to reasonably priced financial services from sound and sustainable financial institutions.  Over two billion adults in the world (38% of all adults) are financially excluded.  Student teams will be asked to study the financial inclusion gaps by geography, identify user needs and propose technology solutions.  Teams will be formed based on resume submissions, click on the link above for details.
See Financial Inclusion Winners at: Announcing the Financial Inclusion Collider Winner.


OSAA Med Tech Collider
The Sutardja Center and Jacobs Institute are partnering with OSAA Innovation to design and build a working prototype of a device that will eliminate the cumbersome IV poll that relies on gravity to dispense fluids to patients in hospitals and clinics.  Polls consume space and are difficult for children, elderly, disabled patients to manage. Three teams of three will be formed by the project advisor based on resume submissions.  Click on the link above for details.
See OSAA Med Tech Winners at – Teams compete for winning IV bag and infusion design in OSAA-Collider Final.


AI Chatbot Collider
The Sutardja Center is partnering with Cheetah Mobile to explore innovative chatbot design and development. Students are challenged to develop an effective and engaging chatbot on a platform of their choice. 
See AI Chatbot Collider Winners at: Team Salonniere Wins AI Chatbot Collider.


Kabam Collider
Kabam creates, develops, and publishes games via Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App store. This four-week collider project is an open challenge for Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students to develop and present a comprehensive market research and analysis report that predicts the next emerging market hot spot for iOS revenue over the next two year period. Kickoff date is September 22.
See Kabam Collider Winners at - Team Katalyst Wins Kabam Collider. 


Summer 2016 Collider Projects:

Fintech Collider in Singapore
The Sutardja Center is partnering with the Inter Varsity Entrepreneur Challenge to bring 8 UC Berkeley students to Singapore and compete in an intensive 1-week Fintech Competition from May 29th - June 4th.



Spring 2016 Collider Projects:

Geisinger Health Systems Collider
A continuation of the Collider launched last fall, in this second and final phase, students will test their hypotheses under the guidance of a team of data scientists. Closed to new participants.


VICI Labs’ WaterSeer Collider
In partnership with the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, this is a unique design and build challenge with promising social impact.  Launches Feb 9, 2016. Contact


Imprint Energy Collider
A Cal-founded company, Imprint is seeking engineers and researchers interested in translating unique battery requirements of new wearable and IoT applications into practical metrics and test methods for battery designers.  Kickoff event is  on February 23rd at 4pm, please RSVP at Contact with questions. Click here for more information.


Blockchain Technology Collider
This collider will focus on emerging applications of blockchain technology beyond the commonly known “bitcoin” use case. Launch date is March 2nd at 5pm, please RSVP at  Contact with questions. Click here for more information.


Data in Retail Collider
Work alongside leading industry experts and faculty to develop big data strategies and recommendations for retailers big and small.  A $5000 cash prize is available!  Limited to 10 students. Resume submission deadline is March 7th. Contact with questions. Click here for more information.


Go To Market Strategy & Intellectual Property Collider
IPIRA would like to add real value to ideas in their portfolio and would like to team up with SCET students to make this happen. A $5000 cash prize is available. Launch date is on 15th March @ 7pm at the SCET Stadium Office. (Eventbrite page for tickets to be added). Contact with questions. Click here for more information.


Fall 2015 Collider Projects can be viewed in the SCET Archive

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