Welcome to Summer Abroad 2016 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Europe!


April 1, 2016





We would like to welcome all 92 students who have been accepted into our Summer Abroad Program! 


Every year UC Berkeley students travel to French Riviera to participate in the most fun, dynamic, and intensive Summer Abroad Program. This year, The European Innovation Academy will host 800 participants from over 70 countries in the world in its two programs. One in Nice, France where UC Berkeley students will attend the program, and the other in Turin, Italy.
The summer programs will provide a fast-paced learning environment where students can learn from famous motivational speakers, business mentors, innovation experts, and serial entrepreneurs. Students will develop ideas from scratch to be able to pitch them to venture capital investors in record time!


Vincent Bartle, UC Berkeley student from the 2015 program states, “It’s an opportunity to experience the rough seas of start up culture first hand. More importantly, it’s an incredible opportunity to learn about yourself, what you care to change in the world, how effective you can be when things get tough, and see how far you will go to actually get something done. Over the span of a short summer I got 6 units of credit, got serious professional experience, made lifelong international friends, exercised a passion to build something I personally care about, backpacked through Europe for a month after the program, and overall had the best summer I’ve ever had.”
We are very excited for you! This is a unique opportunity for students to get out of their comfort zone, gain invaluable insight into starting a company, grow professionally, as well as to make friends from all over the over the world while experiencing the the wonders of the The South of France!


See you all in Nice!