Laser Focus World interviewed Visiting Professor Jes Broeng about his stay at University of California, Berkeley.

workProfessor Jes Broeng is a professor at the Technical University of Denmark, a photonics entrepreneur, a mentor for the Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship, and an angel investor. Currently, he is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley in the field of healthcare.

According to Professor Broeng, he is visiting Berkeley to learn about the entrepreneurial culture and practices that make the Silicon Valley so successful. He also wishes to create connections between American and Danish companies. Broeng was surprised that students were taught an entrepreneur mindset and encouraged to interact with customers and perform market research. The hands-on and customer-oriented nature of Berkeley’s method of entrepreneurship contrasted greatly with Europe’s more theoretical and analytical approach to business. He hopes to take what he learned to revitalize Denmark’s entrepreneurship curriculum.

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