What: The Vici Labs WaterSeer™ Collider

This is a joint project with SCET and the Jacobs Institute

When: Kickoff is February 9, 2106 @ 5:00 – 7:00pm

Location: Jacobs Hall, Studio 220

RSVP:   http://evite.me/p1chFXzbdt

Overview:    What can you do to change the world?  What would that look like?  Can you build it?

Globally one in three people don’t have clean, safe drinking water. One in five people live in areas of water scarcity.

We are looking for Mech E’s, builders, fabricators, makers, design and business students and those interested in environmental sciences.

Graduate students and undergrads are welcome to form teams of 3-4 people to take on the challenge and win up to $12,000 USD!!!

WaterSeer™ is a unique proof of concept to accelerate the collection of pure water from condensate. Work with VICI Labs to take this project from proof of concept to working prototype taking into account important design constraints.

More details and research can be found here.

Disclaimer: Sutardja Center Collider Projects are academic exercises executed with the goal of helping students gain experience with real world industry projects. The Sutardja Center, Berkeley Engineering, and UC Regents do not necessarily claim to support the efficacy or claims made by any industry partners or their products which were worked on for this program. The WaterSeer Collider Project was sponsored by industry partner VICI Labs and beyond that original sponsorship, no formal affiliation exists between The Sutardja Center and VICI Labs. Please submit any questions or requests for information directly to VICI Labs via email at waterseer@vici-labs.com.


The aim of collider projects is to bring together students, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in a learning environment to ‘collide’ and create ventures, solutions, research driven commercialization and opportunities to create impact in society. To learn more about collider projects led by the SCET, click here.