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Program Highlights

Publish a data science project for your portfolio +
Learn cutting-edge algorithms and data science with Berkeley experts +
Build your network with top tech companies

Over 1,500 students have taken the highly popular Data-X course at UC Berkeley to develop hands-on, “applied innovation” skills in Data Science, AI and Machine Learning.

Today's companies require employees with the latest data science skills to gain insight on their customers, operations, and growth through their data.

Join us this Fall 2020 LIVE, virtually, with our instructor-led, professional-only track, guided by Berkeley faculty and industry experts.

Unique among data science courses in that Data-X includes a mentored project, allowing participants to apply course learnings to real data sets and create novel data insights and innovation solutions.

Ideal for a range of professionals - from those with limited programming backgrounds to those seeking a “refresh” of their data science skills or deeper, “hands-on” exposure to the latest industry tools and libraries in use today and “applied innovation” practice.

Take your career to the next level and move your firm's digital transformation forward.

  • The program runs from September 3 to December 17, 2020
  • Meets live, virtually 3 hours weekly, Thursdays, 8:00 - 11:00am OR 4:00 - 7:00pm Pacific Time
  • Combines online discussion, self-guided learning, and a team project, where the skills learned are applied to venture applications.
  • Draws upon UC Berkeley's deep background in innovation, published in Innovation Engineering, a course reading

Apply to UpSkilling @ UC Berkeley: Data-X

Use the following form to apply to UpSkilling @ UC Berkeley: Data-X.

Once your application is approved, you will be sent a registration link. Tuition for this course is $4,500 or $3,900 until July 15 (early registration discount).

Applicants are reviewed for "program fit"; an undergraduate degree and some professional experience is required. There are no CS or programming course prerequisites.

Tuition scholarships are considered for each applicant and are awarded via the registration link, sent with the acceptance email.

Applications are considered on a rolling basis; apply early to ensure your space in the course.


Why Data-X?

Berkeley Data-X Certificate upon graduation for UpSkilling @ UC Berkeley: Data-X

Hands-on, “applied innovation”, project-based learning under expert guidance, using Berkeley’s Innovation Leadership framework

Cutting-edge, industry-leading tools, libraries and approaches to data science that equip you with skills that will help you in your job

Build your network of like-minded analyst and business professionals through course collaboration

Data-X provides a unique and highly valuable learning and innovation experience:

  • Potential to earn UC Berkeley academic credit
  • Created and overseen by Berkeley faculty, Ikhlaq Sidhu
  • Industry experts as discussion leads & mentors
  • Course materials, access to tools and libraries included in course fee
  • Application-based course ensures high-quality collaborations in course projects

What will you build?

Featured Projects


The COVID-19 Predictor spreads awareness of the severity of coronavirus by allowing users to estimate the total infected in their region in the near future. This is accomplished by allowing the user to choose their country and how far into the future they want to see, then fitting the growth rate of their region to an exponential function, and delivering an estimate of the number of infected in that region.

The automotive industry is undergoing an electric revolution, as the world embraces the next generation of sustainable transportation. However, the availability of reliable electrical infrastructure is a major constraint for mainstream EV adoption. The UC Berkeley student team performed exploratory data analysis to figure out what variables were indicative of EV adoption rates year over year and used this data to train several statistical forecasting models, including linear regression and ARIMA.

Students at the University California, Berkeley have developed a way for new weight lifters to have 24/7 access to a trainer right at their fingertips. The team has developed a web application that is simple to use and gives users real-time feedback as to whether or not they are lifting weights properly. The application specifically focuses on the deadlift, which can be one of the more dangerous lifts for a new lifter to attempt.

Check out more projects to see more examples of innovative projects you will create in UpSkilling: Data-X.

Course Highlights

Who Should Attend?

This course is Ideal for a wide range of professionals and academics, including:

  • those with limited programming backgrounds who wish to learn basic data science programming skills with Python,
  • professionals seeking to “refresh” their data science skills and learn modern algorithms and analysis methods,
  • those looking for exposure to the latest industry tools and libraries in use in industry today,
  • academics seeking to teach their own version of this popular UC Berkeley course,
  • global graduate students who wish to move their research forward with better data analytics (UC Berkeley graduate students should enroll in INDENG 290), and
  • professionals looking to apply their analysis skills by learning how to lead data-driven innovation projects.
  • UC Berkeley students interested in enrolling in the Data-X class should refer to our Students Courses page for more information

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For more information, please email Jocelyn Weber Phipps at

Join us at UC Berkeley to take your career, department or research to the next level and move your data science knowledge forward.

Companies may provide sponsorship for employees or employees may enroll directly and request reimbursement from their firm.