Marketing for Technology Startups

ENGIN 183 (Formerly INDENG 190E) · Special Topics in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship· 3 Units

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Learn strategies to market tech products and services. Study different approaches, from account-based marketing, to product lead growth, content marketing, and high performance marketing, and determine which ones are relevant and feasible to help your organization maximize its bottom line. Discover the power of messaging and branding to optimize your efficiency and elevate you above your competitors.



Shira Abel is the CEO and founder of Hunter & Bard, an award-winning marketing and design agency. Hunter & Bard works with science and engineering driven enterprises on marketing SaaS, technology, safety, and sustainability products. Shira is also a sought-after corporate speaker and has spoken at events such as Content Marketing World and TNW Europe. She has given workshops for multiple enterprises, including Samsung. She's also a professor of Marketing for Technologists at Berkeley. Previously she was a professor of Marketing at Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College and a guest lecturer at Stanford, Kellogg School of Management, and Northeastern University.

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