Innovation-X: Future of Industry Startup Lab

Advanced Topics in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

INDENG 190E/290 (3 Units)

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Class Description

Innovation-X is an advanced venture project course based on the Innovation Engineering framework, a first-of-its-kind method for guiding innovation projects. Students will learn about the future of key industries and emerging technologies with project tracks in mobile network applications, Future of Work, Reimagining Education, Future of Entertainment, Re-Evaluating the Supply Chain, Advanced Manufacturing 4.0 and other topics from the Berkeley Innovation-X initiative.

Leveraging advancements in 5G, AI, AR/VR, IoT, faster/better communication, students in the course will imagine the future, develop new concepts, and deliver MVP implementations of startup venture projects based on the insights from Innovation-X Roundtables. Students will work with highly experienced mentors, experts and executives from these industry areas. Projects will focus on “Innovation That Matters” to work on future-focused venture projects that have the potential to make a large impact on industry and society. Imagine the next pandemic, how can we minimize its impact?

Students from all majors, both undergraduate and graduate are welcome. The course benefits students by enabling them to apply their technical and broad skills in emerging areas for new ventures and global innovation. Students will have the opportunity to publish their completed project on the Innovation-X website.

This course is ideal for technical students in data science, CS, engineering, web/mobile applications, and those with varying levels of coding and systems experience. Students from non-technical majors who would like to focus on user experience, customer experience, and social impact may also join as teams will be encouraged to assemble interdisciplinary skills. The course will benefit students interested in product development, applied research, and even product management.


Aleks Gollu is a veteran of the Bay Area venture start-up eco-system, with expertise in supply-chain, transportation, and telecommunication. Dr. Gollu holds a BS degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MS and Ph.D. degrees from University of California, Berkeley, all in EECS with a focus on system management. In 1998, Gollu was Co-Founder of OTelNet, a pioneer of SMS-based cell phone applications, which was acquired by Telecommunication Systems. He founded PINC Solutions in 2004. PINC has since become the premier provider of yard management and transportation visibility solutions by introducing iOT to the supply-chain and was acquired by Accel KKR. His most recent start-up 11Sight provides a video interaction platform for businesses to increase sales and to improve customer satisfaction. He has taught Entrepreneurship in the IEOR department at UC Berkeley and at Northeastern University. He holds 6 patents with 3 pending.

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