A. Richard Newton Series

INDENG 95/195/296 (1 Unit)

This lecture series recognizes the entrepreneurial vision of A. Richard Newton, Dean of UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering from 2000 to 2007, by inviting distinguished innovators to share lessons from their own successes and failures. The course features a selection of highly accomplished industry speakers, including Cal alumni, who share their unique insights on industry developments, leadership, and innovation accumulated through experience in their careers. The lecture series serves as a discovery course for topics at the intersection of technology innovation and entrepreneurship and is a requirement for two of the tracks to complete the SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology.

This class is a great introductory class for students interested in learning more about technology entrepreneurship and innovation. SCET classes welcome students from all majors and levels. Lower division students should enroll in INDENG 95; Upper division students should enroll in INDENG 195; and Graduate students should enroll in INDENG 295.

Featured Video Of The Month - Jennifer Doudna - 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awardee for Crispr Gene-Editing

Video Archive

Spring 2020

Michael Seibel - CEO and Partner, Y Combinator

Shilpa Shah - Cofounder, Cuyana

Scott Kucirek - CEO, OCHO Candy & Cofounder, ZipRealty

Sean Foote - Cofounder & managing director, Co=Creation=Capital and Cosmopolitan Capital

Renee Wurth, PhD - Research Scientist, Flux

Tracy Young - CEO & Cofounder, PlanGrid

Fall 2019

Charlie Giancarlo - Chairman & CEO, Pure Storage

Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen - Founder & CEO, Openwater

Han-Shen (Han) Yuan - Senior VP Engineering, Upwork

Marc Tarpenning - Cofounder, Tesla Motors

Chris Larsen and Alison McCauley - Chairman, Ripple Labs; Author & CEO, @unblockedfuture

Spring 2019

Chris Ategeka - Founder & CEO, UCOT Inc.

Yoky Matsuoka - VP, Google

Vivienne Ming - Founder & Chairperson, Socos Labs

Austin Gilbert - Director of Recruiting, Eaze

Jennifer Doudna - Biochemist, professor, UC Berkeley and creator, CRISPR

Claire Hough - VP Engineering, Apollo GraphQL

Scott Kupor - Managing Director, Andreessen Horowitz & Author, Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Michelle Meng-Hsiung Kiang - Cofounder & CEO, Chirp Microsystems Inc.

Nicole Johnson and Kiel Murray - Founder & CEO, NicJohn Media; Screenwriter, Development Executive with Pixar, Disney, and Stonehouse Pictures

Alison McCauley - Social scientist, emerging technology consultant and author

Fall 2018

Bruce Aidells and Joanna Rees - Chef, author, and founder of Aidess Sausage Company; Former SF mayoral candidate and Managing Parter, West

Tony Xu - Cofounder & CEO, DoorDash

Nicole Patrice De Member and Ryan Panchadsaram - Founder, INDAIS; Entrepreneur, former US Deputy Director of Technology and partner, Kleiner

Tae Hea Nahm - Founder of Airspace and Managing Director, Storm Ventures

Steven Lam - Cofounder, GoGoVan

Adam Cheyer - Cofounder of Viv Labs and Siri Inc.

Naomi Davidson - Founder of Trybe.ai

Joey Zwillinger - Cofounder of Allbirds

Spring 2018

Michael Seibel - CEO and Partner, Y Combinator

Judy Estrin - CEO, JLabs

Fall 2017

Ikhlaq Sidhu - Founder, SCET

Shou Chen - General Partner, Agile VC

Mike Olson - Founder, CSO & Chairman, Cloudera

Matt Hershenson - Cofounder, Playground Global

Aashi Vel - Cofounder & Co-CEO, Traveling Spoon

Jessica Mah - Cofounder & CEO, InDinero

Ryan Panchadsaram - Partner, Kleiner Perkins

Marissa Mayer - Former CEO, Yahoo

Spring 2016

Ben Horowitz - Cofounder & General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Fall 2015

Diane Greene - Founder & Former CEO, VMware

Alex Stamos - CSO, Facebook

Christine Tsai & Nav Athwal - Founding Partner, 500 Startups; CEO, RealtyShares

Dr. Ion Stoica - Cofounder & CEO, Databricks

Jessica Mah - Cofounder & CEO, inDinero

Dr. Amit Narayan - Founder & CEO, AutoGrid

Premal Buch - President & CEO, Robin Systems

Dr. Laura Stachel - Cofounder & Executive Director, WE CARE Solar

VC Panel Discussion - Delta Prize Demo Day

Vineet Nayar - Former CEO, HCL Technologies

Spring 2015

Ted Hoff - Intel Fellow

John Doerr - Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Vinod Dham - Founding Managing Director, IndoUS Venture Partners

Darian Shirazi - Founder & CEO, Radius

Kathleen Glaub - CEO, Afferent Pharmaceuticals

Jason Wang, Shawn Tsao, Vince Cao, and John Keh - Co-founders, Caviar

Michael Baum - Founder & CEO, Founder.org


Mehdi Maghsoodnia - Serial Entrepreneur

Auren Hoffman - Founder & CEO, Kyber Systems

Ramona Pierson - Cofounder & CEO, Declara

Yoky Matsuoka - CTO, Nest

Juan Pablo Dellarroquelle - Head of Engineering, Medallia 

Dr. Jun Wu - Partner, Zpark Ventures

Margret Schmidt - Chief Design Officer, TiVo

Nova Spivack - CEO, Bottlenose

Jeff Rothschild - Ex-VP of Engineering, Facebook

Dadi Perlmutter - Chief Product Officer, Intel


Carl Bass - CEO, Autodesk

Anthony Levandowski - Project Lead, Google Driverless Cars

John Battelle - Journalist, Author, Entrepreneur, and Innovator

Dr. Ram Krishnan - VP, Head of Operations for InvenSense

Eshwar Belani - VP, Product and Biz Dev at Rocket Fuel

Pooja Sankar - Founder & CEO, Piazza


Jason Best - Principal, Crowdfund Capital Advisors

Gurbaksh Ghahal - Founder & CEO, RadiumOne

Sridhar Kota - Former Assistant Director for Advancing Manufacturing, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Craig Mundie - Chief Strategy Officer, Microsoft

Leslie Bottorff - Partner, Medical Technology, Onset Venture


Alex Le - CityVille Executive Producer, Zynga

Roger Strauch - Chairman of The Roda Group

Keval Desai - Partner at InterWest


Mike Arrington - Founder, TechCrunch

Jerry Fiddler - Principal, Zygote Ventures; Chairman, Solazyme

Mike Olson - Founder & CEO, Cloudera

Adam Bosworth - Founder & CEO, Keas



Chales Huang - Co-Founder, RedOctane

Roger Sippl - Founder, Informix

Charles Giancarlo - Managing Director, Silver Lake

Ben Horowitz - Co-Founder, Andreessen Horowitz

Maurice Gunderson - Senior Partner, CMEA

Matt Caspari - Co-Founder, Aurora Biofuels

Marissa Mayer - VP Search Products and User Experience, Google

Ted Hoff - Inventor of the Microprocessor

Amine Haoui - CEO Sensys Networks



Tom Byers - Faculty Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Mike Horton - CEO & Co-Founder, Crossbow

Mitchell Kapor - Founder & Founding Chairman, Lotus Development, Mozilla Foundation

Dean Drako - CEO, Barracuda Networks

Charles Huang - Co-Founder, RedOctane

Bambi Francisco - Founder, Vator.tv

James Hong - Founder, Hot or Not

Ram Shriram - Founder, Sherpalo Ventures



John Steuart - Managing Director, Claremont Creek Ventures

Tony Hsieh - CEO, Zappos.com

John Hanke - Director, Google Earth & Maps

Ann Winblad - Co-Founder, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

Peter Fiske - Founder, Rapt Industries

Hartmut Esslinger - Founder & Designer, Frog Design Inc.

Peter Vlastelica - Founder, YardBarker.com

Ian Sobieski, William Payne - Band of Angels Entrepreneur

Judy Estrin - Founder, Packet Design

Titus Brenninkmeijer - Founder, Solgenix, LLC

Stacey Lawson - CET Co-founder & Berkeley Industry Fellow



Stephen Pratt - Consulting Head, Infoysys

Bruce Richardson - Founder & President, AMR Research

Donna Dubinsky - Chairman, Handspring/Palm

Stephanie DiMarco - Founder & CEO, Advent Software

Keith Krach - Founder & CEO, Ariba

Shomit Ghose - Partner, Onset Ventures

Cynthia Dai - Interim Executive, Dainamic Consulting, Inc

In-Sik Rhee - Co-Founder & Chief Tactician, Opsware

Peter Wolken - General Partner, AVI Management

Pehong Chen - President, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Broadvision Inc.

Chris Rittler - Vice President, Tropos Networks


Marc Andreessen - Chief Technology Officer, AOL

Aneel Bhusri - Vice Chairman, Greylock

Katrina Roche - Chief Marketing Officer, i2 Technologies

John Roberts - CEO & Co-Founder, SugarCRM

Geoffrey Moore - Author & Managing Director, TCG Advisors

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