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Challenge Lab

INDENG 185-004 (4 units)

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Class Description

In an ever-changing era driven by diversity, complexity, technology, and an abundance of information, existing models of education can no longer meet the social, economic, and humanistic goals of the 21st century. With the explosion of coronavirus accelerating changes in the way people learn and work around the world, this discussion around the future of education is more relevant than ever. With exponential technologies including AI, AR/VR and blockchain that rapidly change how we learn and work, the future of education will be shaped by entrepreneurial minds who can effectively leverage these technologies and its value drivers to bring the most innovative and inclusive solutions. Leveraging real-life and real-time case studies from innovative startups to established corporates, this course seeks to unpack challenges and opportunities across all aspects of education--from early childhood, K-12 and tertiary education, to upskilling and the future of work.

We will explore critical questions including: How can we reimagine models of education that create lifelong learners and prepare future generations with the necessary skills to strive? How can we use technology to transform status quo systems and outmoded pedagogical practices and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion to realize the goals of democratic education? What are some great entrepreneurial efforts in building projects that revolutionize how we engage in education and positively impact learners of all ages? Together, we will deepen our knowledge of contemporary issues in the intersection of education, technology and entrepreneurship, and we will explore and co-design innovative solutions.

This course invites students from all colleges and schools to create companies of the future. Students in this Challenge Lab may have the opportunity to continue to work on their startup through a specialized invite only acceleration and leadership program.

Challenge Lab

Challenge Labs (INDENG 185) are classes for students of all academic backgrounds who seek a rigorous, interactive, team-based, and hands-on learning experience in entrepreneurship and technology. This course uses a unique pedagogy, The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship that involves the use of games, industry guest speakers, team exercises, videos and labs to cover the early part of the startup lifecycle. Each Challenge Lab has a different theme. In this highly experiential course, students form start-up teams to create technology solutions or services to address a broadly-defined problem posed by an industry partner or social challenge.


Shuo Chen is a General Partner at IOVC (formerly Agile VC), and Faculty at UC Berkeley and Singularity University. In her venture role, Shuo has also helped 50+ startups globalize and expand into new markets, including startups that provide software for clients including Amazon, Apple, Google, Mercedes-Benz, NASA and Unilever, as well as startups that are now acquired by Binance, Caterpillar, Dialpad, Ford and Goldman Sachs. Prior, Shuo worked at Goldman Sachs in investment banking and PwC in advisory, where she worked on deals including Alibaba’s $25 billion IPO (largest in US history), Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola and LinkedIn’s $119 million acquisition of SlideShare. Shuo has also co-authored a book on financial regulations published by Cambridge University Press in 2019.


Dr. Christyna Serrano received her Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Berkeley. (Go Bears!) She has over ten years of teaching, curriculum, and program design experience. Christyna has collaborated with, developed, and managed faculty, technical experts, thought leaders, and content partners to produce dynamic, interactive, and transformative learning experiences and educational solutions (in-person and online) -- most recently as Director, Faculty Engagement at Singularity University. Christyna is also the 2021 recipient of the Berkeley Changemaker Curriculum Grant for her undergraduate course, Critical Studies in Education, offered in the Graduate School of Education, which aims to develop students’ critical consciousness and unleash agents of change. Additionally, and finally, Christyna is deeply passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and engages in this work through her teaching, facilitation, and consulting as the co-founder of EquityCatalysts Collective, LLC.

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