Amazoogle: Creating Data-Driven Startup Ventures

ENGIN 183C · Challenge Lab· 4 Units

Big Data, machine learning and AI are well understood technologies, yet their applications in business are dominated by a small group of uber-practitioners, as exemplified by Amazon and Google.  What do these companies know – and practice – that others do not?  The Amazoogle class is an introduction into the strategy and technology of modern data-driven business models.

Beyond its application in well-known business sectors, the Amazoogle model now holds particular promise in delivering social equity in a range of fields, including healthcare, education and financial access.  How could these lessons also be applied to one of the most pressing challenges of our times – Climate Change?  Students in the class will learn and subsequently build, in collaboration with a small team of fellow students, a software application to deliver positive impact to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.  Students will leverage Big Data, machine learning and behavioral economics in the full Amazoogle model, with a constant eye on technology ethics.

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