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SCET has recognized these organizations as exemplary models of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe that students, when given the proper mentorship and resources, can be the true trailblazers that advance an industry. That is why SCET has hand-selected these students groups to give sponsorship to further their mission statements and their impact on the entrepreneurship community. Each one of these organizations has demonstrated a mission statement with a keen and distinctive interest in entrepreneurship and innovation through having a clear professional development program for its members and a dedication to community and service.


Launchpad is a project based organization that develops full stack, industry standard, and open source products with a focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and computer vision. Not only does it develop our members internally with hack nights and tech tutorials, but it also holds external hackathons, recruiting events, and competitive programming workshops to help the general Berkeley CS community. Its vision is to turn the theory students learn from intelligent software classes into real applications that teams can take ownership of.

Named Partner

Blockchain at Berkeley, the largest university Blockchain organization in the world, revolves around the cryptographically secured and decentralized data structure known as Blockchain. The organization gathers a collection of bright and innovative students along with specialists, such as engineers, computer scientists, and business leaders engaged in developing technology of the future, as well as providing companies with educational sessions, proof of concepts, and advisory.

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DiversaTech is a student-run technology consulting organization. We firmly believe that the most innovative and creative solutions arise from diversity of thought. We form interdisciplinary teams of undergraduates from all corners of campus to connect, collaborate, and create. Combining business, engineering, and design principles, we deliver dynamic and actionable recommendations to address our Silicon Valley clients’ most pressing technology needs. Our most recent clients include Google, LinkedIn, Adobe, Dropbox, Wikipedia, and more.


Sigma Eta Pi is dedicated to building human potential. Our mission is to transform individuals into starters who follow their passion, develop long lasting relationships and create value through innovative pursuits. We achieve this through our semester-long pledge process that emphasizes personal and professional development through hands-on exposure to building a startup.


Venture Strategy Solutions primary mission is to work with high-growth bay area startups to address business and technical concerns that impede growth. Our teams of experienced project managers and trained consultants work closely with executives every semester to help founders implement their vision. When we aren't consulting, we hold start up ideation events such as Start Up weekend as well as internal and public workshops on leadership, entrepreneurship, and consulting skills.


Valley Consulting Group (VCG) is a UC Berkeley student-run, not-for-profit management consulting organization. We provide strategic solutions to vital business challenges faced by our clients. VCG is composed of intelligent, motivated UC Berkeley undergraduates looking to make an impact. Each project cycle, our teams take on a new slate of consulting engagements with leading technology companies in the Silicon Valley.

The Invention Corps of Berkeley is a team of 32 multidisciplinary, undergraduate students with strengths in human-centered design and collaborative project work. They address problems in poverty, society, health, and environment by propelling professors' existing solutions and companies' existing projects. Whether they are gathering user feedback, creating rapid prototypes, analyzing data, or developing business models, they are always striving to ideate, invent, and inspire a better tomorrow.

 Applying for Sponsorship

Any student organization that seeks sponsorship from the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) must display a keen and distinctive interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. To learn more about how you can get sponsorship for your organization through the SCET, contact our student organization coordinator, William Wang. To learn more about rules regarding applying for sponsorship and joining the SCET cohort, click here. Below is a calendar of upcoming events being held by student organizations at the SCET.

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