Startup Synergy Growing in the City of Berkeley


January 6, 2016


According to the City of Berkeley Office of Economic Development (OED), there are approximately 300 startups in the city of Berkeley — up from 100 in 2011. New ventures are also offering 23% more jobs than they did in 2014. Clearly, the city of Berkeley is becoming a hub for innovation — and the startup community at UC Berkeley is definitely playing a role.

Localwise, a startup developed under the guidance of Skydeck, UC Berkeley’s startup accelerator, is partnering with the City of Berkeley OED, NextSpace, and Berkeley Startup Cluster, to organize a Berkeley Startup Job Fair on January 28th.

If you are looking for a position in a startup — technical or non-technical — then check out the job fair below, and join the growing startup community in Berkeley.

Berkeley Startup Job Fair