SCET Corporate Sponsorship

UC Berkeley Sutardja Center Corporate Engagement Options

SCET offers private firms a range of opportunities to engage with UC Berkeley in technical areas related to applied innovation, emerging technologies (AI, blockchain, etc.) or evolving industries (i.e. alternative meats, 5G applications, future of mobility, etc.).


Engagement Benefits

The Center offers a wide range of courses and program areas that make up UC Berkeley’s Innovation Collider. Participation and engagement offers the following benefits to our corporate partners:

  • Student engagement and recruiting: Targeted engagement with students in specialized program areas including data, AI, blockchain, meat alternatives, new ventures, data-driven business models, and other emerging technology areas.
  • Campus affiliation: Participation in the Center’s programs as a Visiting Scholar or Executive in Residence. This allows members of the company or organization to spend time on the Berkeley campus, access campus resources, and engage with programs potentially as guest lecturers, judges, mentors, or in other classroom or lab roles.
  • People development: Opportunities to learn innovation mindset and behaviors within campus programs and corporate opportunities. This may be for the development of an individual or the purpose may be to develop parallel training programs at the firm’s location.
  • Global visibility and branded collaboration: As part of the collaboration, the firms may be interested to have branded campus-level and global visibility with thousands of students, corporate partners, strategic investors, new venture mentors, and global universities for substantive engagement at UC Berkeley.
  • Program steering & development: Some firms may want to further engage by guiding project ideas or providing areas for new course or lab development.

Sponsorship Models

Through the Sutardja Center, we are able to work with firms in 3 different models of engagement:

  1. Designer Level: Participation and learning
  2. Innovator Level: Guidance, visibility, engagement as sponsor, plus the above
  3. Foundational Level: Program development plus engagement as the primary sponsor or program creator, plus the above


Designer Level Sponsorship

This level includes benefits designed to allow learning, knowledge transfer, and student engagement.

  • Appointment of one Executive in Residence or Visiting Researcher
  • May include visa arrangements if necessary
  • Participate at the Center
    • Audit one campus class — Challenge Lab, Innovation Collider
    • Enrolled in one paid program with a 10% discount
      • ELPP: Engineering Leadership Professional Program
      • SVIL: Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Week
      • Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
      • Does not include translation services if necessary

Innovator Level Sponsorship

This level includes benefits designed to allow student engagement, recruiting, and global visibility. 

  • Appointment of one Executive in Residence or Visiting Researcher and all benefits listed in the Designer Level Sponsorship
  • Access and participation in all project-oriented classes and labs
  • Enrolled in one paid program with a 25% discount
  • Named sponsorship in a specific course, lab, or program activity. This includes:
    • Data X-Lab,
    • Meat X-Lab,
    • Blockchain X-Lab & Xcelerator,
    • Innovation Engineering project tracks
    • CITRIS Foundry collaboration with Sutardja Center
    • or any from a specific list of Collider projects, Challenge Lab or X-Lab areas
  • Ability to steer, direct, or provide project input as a member of the course or lab’s external steering committee.
  • Engage and/or recruit students as a high-profile sponsor of the course, lab and/or program.
  • Globally branded visibility for work in the targeted area.

Foundation Level Sponsorship

This level is reserved for the customized creation of new courses, lab areas, and programs. 

See the table below for cost of sponsorship. Sponsors may choose to select one program in particular to direct their focus and funding. Sponsors will be listed at both the Center’s top-level pages, as well as on the program’s page for global brand visibility. The Chair/Lead for each subprogram will ensure that sponsor has the ability to provide program steering and will also be able to receive recognition as a sponsor within the program.

In some cases, portions of the sponsorship may be made with in-kind services or equipment if it is needed for projects of the Center.

Designer Level

  • ☑ Visiting scholar or Executive in Residence
  • ☑ Visa provision
  • ☑ Course audit
  • ☑ Student engagement
  • ☑ Training and knowledge transfer
  • ☑ 10% discount on paid programs

Innovator Level

  • ☑ All Designer Level benefits
  • ☑ 25% discount on paid programs
  • ☑ Named sponsorship in a specific course, lab or program activity
  • ☑ Program steering
  • ☑ Student recruitment

Foundation Level

  • ☑ All Designer Level and Innovator Level benefits
  • ☑ 30% discount on paid programs
  • ☑ Globally branded visibility
  • ☑ Found and develop new lab areas
  • ☑ Primary sponsorship of activity
  • ☑ Workspace at The Center

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