SCET Blockchain Lab Announces Awards of $50K to Support Student and Faculty Projects

The Blockchain Lab at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) is pleased to announce support for students and faculty who are contributing to blockchain's future with cutting-edge projects.
Blockchain is an emerging technology where Berkeley has great promise to contribute. The lab began in the Fall of 2015 with generous support from Echolink, an emerging blockchain firm and NEO, a non-profit community developing the smart economy on blockchain.
We received many great applications, which our selection committee thoroughly enjoyed reviewing, although it did make their task of choosing the top four very challenging! However, a decision was made, and the first awards from the blockchain lab are going to the following projects:
  1. Framework for Cryptoeconomic Incentives in Proof of Stake (PoS) SystemsAparna Krishnan, Zubin Koticha, Alexis Gauba, Maaz Uddin, Philip Hayes, Vishesh Mehta
  2. Decentralized Nondeterministically Verifiable Security: Eric (Yiqi) Hou, Sid Masih, Alberto Todeschini, Jeremiah Andrews, Parth Singhal, Leon Ming, Ling Xie
  3. Efficient and secure consensus for BlockchainGireeja Ranade
  4. VoDChain: A Blockchain-based Crowdsourced Video-on-Demand System: Kannan Ramchandran 
We are awarding each of these teams to help to support applied and fundamental research that will reduce barriers in the adoption of blockchain and its inclusion in an increasingly digital world with new possibilities for fairness, transparency, and efficiency in both financial transactions and information sharing.
Please join us in celebrating the great work of these students and faculty as they continue to develop blockchain and its implications for the future of the digital world.

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