Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership Week

Berkeley Engineering & Silicon Valley Leaders 5 Days · 7 Topics · 12+ Experts

Preparing executives to lead innovation and incorporate the next disruptive technologies

Program Highlights

Responsible for leading your company's innovation? Interested in understanding disruptive technologies from the leaders?

Help your company advance with new strategies, technologies, and a transformative framework now.

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San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the UC Berkeley Campus

Program Timing

Updated: October 31 - November 1, 2022

Application Deadline

October 1, 2022

Program Fee

$9,800 USD inclusive of tuition, cases, materials, and lunches

Launched in 2012, this program has brought together candidates from across the globe with renowned Berkeley faculty and Silicon Valley executives to learn and work on the challenge of driving continuous innovation from leaders as diverse as shipping industry executives to leading hospital administrators.  Originally part of a joint, exclusive effort by Berkeley Engineering and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Executive MBA program, this week is now an open enrollment program, expanded to include select leaders from around the globe and from Silicon Valley to increase the diversity of thought and provide a broader, global network to the cohort.

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    Why Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership

    This program guides leaders to transform their organizations with new insights on strategy, disruptive technologies and creating innovative cultures.

    Advance Disruptive Innovation in your Firm

    Get insights on how to be at the forefront of innovative trends with the Berkeley Method of Innovation Leadership framework.

    Understand Emerging Technologies

    Hear from UC Berkeley's thought leaders in Blockchain, AI, Robotics, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Cognition.

    Learn from Silicon Valley Executives

    Obtain insight from executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, and UC Berkeley faculty on their successful practice of innovation.

    Network with Global Leaders

    Join general and technical leaders from firms around the world including Pacific Rim, Europe and South America.

    Program Overview

    business innovation meeting

    Who Should Attend

    • Executives and Founders
    • VPs
    • General Managers
    • Directors
    • Architects or Technology Leaders 
    • MBA Candidates
    business innovation meeting 2

    What to Expect

    • Learn Berkeley Method of Innovation Leadership
    • Executive level discussions on the most relevant disruptive technologies
    • Plan your firm's innovation via project & feedback from UC Berkeley faculty
    • Enhance your company culture for innovation
    business innovation 3

    Course Format

    • Learn about emerging business models
    • Visit innovation centers in Silicon Valley
    • Receive feedback from Silicon Valley executives, entrepreneurs and UC Berkeley faculty
    • Network with global business leaders

    Typical Speakers

    Ikhlaq Sidhu

    Faculty Director & Founder
    SCET, UC Berkeley

    Marc Tarpenning



    Dawn Song

    Professor, Security & Blockchain,
    EECS, UC Berkeley
    Co-Founder, Oasis Labs

    Claire Vo

    Vice President Of Product Management at Optimizely

    Wayne Crosby

    Co-Founder of Humu (Product & Engineering)

    Steve Blank

    Entrepreneur &
    Adjunct Professor
    Stanford University

    Pieter Abbeel

    Professor, AI/Robotics,
    EECS, UC Berkeley
    Co-Founder, Embodied Intelligence, Verizon

    Gigi Wang

    Chair & Director
    Berkeley Start-up Boot-camp & Collider Workshops

    Allen Yang

    Executive Director,
    Center for Augmented Cognition,
    UC Berkeley

    Hap Klopp

    North Face

    Robert Strand

    Executive Director
    Center for Responsible Business
    Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

    Margaret Schmidt

    Vice President of Product Development

    Ken Singer

    Managing Director
    Sutardja Center for
    Entrepreneurship & Technology

    Danny Lange

    Vice President, AI & Machine Learning
    Unity Technologies

    Charles Fan

    Former SVP, VMware



    Shomit Ghose

    Managing Director & Partner
    Onset Ventures

    Anca Dragan

    Assistant Professor
    EECS, UC Berkeley

    Jocelyn Weber

    Director of Executive Programs,
    Sutardja Center, UC Berkeley

    Featured Speaker: Pieter Abbeel


    Working to break AI out of its ivory tower is Pieter Abbeel, electrical engineering and computer science professor at UC Berkeley, (who) is "puppeteer(ing) the robot around in a way that the robot experiences exactly what it’s going to experience when it’s doing it itself," says Abbeel. "That way a robot can learn much more efficiently." By using VR, Abbeel and his team have shortened the robotic skill-acquisition process from months and weeks down to a single day.

    Read more about Abbeel's approach to moving AI and robotics forward to solve real world problems.

    Featured Speaker: Steve Blank


    "Almost every large company understands that it also needs to deal with ever-increasing external threats by continually innovating. To ensure their survival and growth, corporations need to keep inventing new business models. This challenge requires entirely new organizational structures and skills."

    Read more about Blank's famous approach to innovation

    Sample Schedule

    1: Strategies for Innovation
    • Berkeley Method: Innovation Leadership with Strategic Transformation & Disruption Threats
    • Opportunity Competition Your Project
    • Guest Speakers
    2: Tactics and Technology Leadership
    3: An Innovative Culture
    4: Leadership from the Silicon Valley
    5: Transform — Project Feedback

    Partners & Supporters



    "The course was excellent; it was perfect to share our experiences and knowledge from different backgrounds and realities." — General Manager, Sodimac Chile

    “The lessons you learn in SVIL are organizational changing.” — CEO Latin America retailer

    “My key takeaways included the following:

    • My company needs to make better use of big data
    • Innovation process for horizon 3 will be critical to the company's future
    • The state of the art of different technologies and tendencies (AI, big data, marketing, VR)"
    • How to approach the innovation processes among organizations
    • The skills and perspective that entrepreneurs and managers must have or develop” —

      Chief Acceleration Officer, Digevo

    “It was a fantastic week.” — VP of Innovation, Volvo Penta


    Questions? Contact Vicky Howell at for more information.