Creating a Customized Program for Your Institution

As a Global Partner, a key benefit is the opportunity to collaborate on a custom program for your graduate students and professionals, leveraging topics around leadership, innovation and ventures.

The virtual or in-person program may:

  • be delivered as a standalone, or 
  • incorporate one of our current open enrollment programs into your curriculum

Merging the best of academic instruction, interactive exchange and proactive application to impact leadership and innovation, UC Berkeley's Sutardja Center is the ideal partner to take your professionals to the next level and deliver tangible results. Partner with us to customize material to your unique needs. Contact us at to get started. 

To become a global partner please contact

Offering Alternatives to Empower POTENTIAL

As an alternative to our custom professional programing your institution can choose to work with one of our select industry fellows, for hands-on instruction and mentoring. In parallel, SCET offers self-paced modules in either The Berkeley Method of Innovation or The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship.  The modules feature a 1-hour live kick-off (in person or virtual) from one of our esteemed SCET instructors and then a series of online podcast topics, the equivalent of 8 hours of instruction.  Your cohort gains a unique UC Berkeley perspective on using cutting edge innovation/new venture frameworks, building an ecosystem and developing the mindset to enable success.

Your professionals and graduate students learn Silicon Valley secrets to success; benefit from program certification and gain access to the Sutardja Center ecosystem. Join us for this self-paced offering to connect, inspire and empower your graduate students and professionals. Contact us at for more information.


Connect, Inspire and
Empower Your Professionals



Partner with select SCET Industry Fellows for hands-on instruction and mentoring following the acclaimed Berkeley Method



Students supplement hands-on learning with access to SCET Canvas modules for self-paced work, approx. 9 hours of
Berkeley Method of Innovation or Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship instruction



Students receive
certification upon
evaluation and
Canvas module completion

Berkeley Method

The Berkeley Method

Developed at the UC Berkeley Sutardja Center, the method ensures that students are taught using a journey based approach with inductive learning. The training focuses on three main pillars of framework, mindset and ecosystem as it relates to innovation success.

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The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) is UC Berkeley's global hub for the study and practice of entrepreneurship/ventures and technology innovation. Our mission is to empower innovators to positively change the world. Since 2005, SCET has created the foundation of Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem including SkyDeck, the Fung Institute, the Engineering Leadership Professional Program, Global Venture Lab, and an extensive ecosystem of Silicon Valley and Global partners.

Please contact Victoria Howell ( or one of our SCET Industry Fellows for more information:

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Gigi Wang <br> SCET Faculty and Industry Fellow</a>

Gigi Wang
Industry Fellow, Sutardja Center


Rick Rasmussen
Industry Fellow, Sutardja Center


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Industry Fellow, Sutardja Center