Final Pitch Day
Final pitch day. Left to right:TA Akbar Ali Surani, TLP Director Srabani Ghosh, SCET Global Programs Director David Law, and Jury members Niten Malhan and Rimy Oberoi

Tech Leaders Program: Challenge Lab Final Pitch Event

Global Academic Programs Director, David Law, proudly represented SCET at the Plaksha University Tech Leaders Program Challenge Lab Final Pitch Event.

Plaksha University is India’s largest collective philanthropy effort to build a new model of engineering education and research. Backed by 70+ academic and business leaders from 5 countries, Plaksha hopes to reimagine technology education and research for India and the world.

David Law has been an instructor and Challenge Lab program leader since the inception of SCET’s partnership with Plaksha in 2019. The Tech Leaders Program (TLP) is a technology-focused program that includes core entrepreneurship and leadership components. Challenge Lab, a project-based course, provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills, mindset and behaviors of successful entrepreneurs. It provides Plaksha TLP students the opportunity to apply their technical skills to solve some of society’s most pressing problems.

Regarding the program and SCET’s partnership with Plaksha University, David Law notes:

I was thrilled to be in person with the TLP students and to visit the new Plaksha campus in Chandigarh. SCET Berkeley and Plaksha both strive to produce entrepreneurial thinkers who are willing to challenge the status quo and tackle some of society’s most pressing problems

There were ten teams participating who engaged with a broad range of opportunities. One of the hallmarks of Challenge Lab is the team-based teaching model. Mark Searle and Elizabeth Saunders, lead instructors from Berkeley and our colleagues from Plaksha, Alok Mittal and Rajesh Sawhney, did the bulk of the teaching this term and deserve credit for the success of Challenge Lab. Special thanks to jurists Niten Malhan and Rimy Oberoi and the entire TLP management team lead by Srabani Ghosh.

Top four teams
The top four teams: Sochai, CMDB, Kronic Care and Latent Space. Front row left to right: Niten Malhan, Jury Rimy Oberoi, David Law and Akbar Ali Suran