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UC Berkeley Engineering's Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology


Apply to be a Data-X Researcher

Seeking a part-time Associate/Full Specialist to assist faculty and researchers in the X-lab. The candidate will perform work under Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu.


Developing entrepreneurs
and innovators

SCET emphasizes hands-on learning and offers a suite of courses and programs for students, professionals, and academics.

Global innovation collider

Our innovation collider programs such as the Global Partners at UC BerkeleyGlobal Venture Lab, Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and  Startup Semester create rich interactions between students and professors from around the world to create innovative projects, startups, and research.


Driving future technologies

SCET’s X at Berkeley initiative allows students and professionals to discover the "Future of X."  Applied research topics in our labs focus on emerging new economy areas such as data analytics, autonomous cars, blockchain, cybersecurity, plant-based meats and many more. Results from our labs create knowledge and inform the Sutardja Center's undergraduate, graduate, professional, and executive courses and programs.

Innovation Collider: Who and Why

What is Innovation Collider?

This is the idea that many different groups come together from Students to Faculty to Firms worldwide through the various programs that SCET. There is a strong focus on innovation on all levels with many offerings including a large variety of classes and programs for both students and professionals, and several X-Labs researching in a cutting-edge fields. SCET is the source of ventures, corporate innovation, and social impact and helps future current and future entrepreneurs find what they need.

What Programs are Available for You?

Students: Berkeley Bootcamp, Research Newton Lecture Series, Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Faculty: Teach a class






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