Takeaways from Innovation-X Roundtable: Reevaluating the Supply Chain

By Suyash Jaju | September 25, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially disrupted the global supply chain. Within a matter of months, the transportation, logistics, and manufacturing industries have gone through rapid and accelerated transformation. New questions and opportunities are now coming up for the future of the supply chain. How has the role of the supply chain evolved in the current…

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Shomit Ghose’s Inaugural Best of SCET Berkeley Talk-Crisis as a Catalyst

By Mallika Luthar | September 22, 2020
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Ikhlaq Sidhu on how COVID-19 will affect the business world

By Suyash Jaju | September 14, 2020
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Amid COVID-19, the Alt: Meat Lab continues its research

By Farhan Hossain | August 11, 2020
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Takeaways from Innovation-X Roundtable 2: Reimagining Education

By Suyash Jaju | July 31, 2020
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A Global Statistician’s Love for Lily Seeds Turns Entrepreneurial!

By Devanshi Rathi | July 29, 2020

For Mallika Chawla, entrepreneurship was not something that came by nature. She was a trained economist and statistician obtaining her master’s degree from the University of Cambridge, which she followed up by working in a high-profiled role at Goldman Sachs in Singapore. However, her tryst with entrepreneurship began when she moved to Silicon Valley, the…

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11 Thoughts on the State of 5G Networks

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | February 19, 2020

This week in Innovation Engineering, students continued the process of combining concepts from mobile executives, technical leaders, and students. Mostafa Essa, a Vodafone engineer, was this week’s guest speaker. He discussed the intersection of Radio Access Networks, AI, and Data Analytics. After just one month, here are a few notable things the class has discovered:…

The Impact of 5G on Existing Internet Systems

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | February 13, 2020

This week in Innovation Engineering, Lyle Bertz, who leads R&D at Sprint came to speak to the class about 5G and IoT. The session helped students understand the network and how it affects IoT.  Here are a few key outtakes from his presentation:   1. IoT will change network behavior. Currently, most networks are configured for…

12 Principles of Innovation Engineering

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | February 6, 2020

Innovation Engineering is a new framework developed by the Sutardja Center to apply technology and create transformation by aligning human talent in an efficient, effective, and positive manner.  This framework offers practical guidance for how – large firms, research labs, new ventures, and even student projects can execute their innovation projects and make their ideas…

SCET Instructor and Former VP Product Publishes Product Management Book

By Harika Kalluri | February 4, 2020

In search of a job after graduation, students are increasingly looking towards product management roles. These positions have skyrocketed in popularity following the development of Associate Product Management (APM) programs meant for new grads at companies such as Google or Dropbox. Similarly, companies are investing heavily in coaching and training their existing product managers so…

Kick-off: Innovating 5G/AI Course in collaboration with GSMA

By Ikhlaq Sidhu | January 31, 2020

On January 24th, SCET kicked-off the first class of the Innovation Engineering 5G/AI course. In this advanced project course, students will be developing new data and AI related services that will be interesting for mobile communication companies and consumers. The class will collaborate with Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), who hosts the Mobile World…

“Favorite Class at Berkeley”: Alumni Reflect On Their Pathway to Plant-Based Meat

By Farhan Hossain | January 31, 2020

Halle Nicole Readfearn doesn’t have to worry about stray eggshell pieces in her breakfast; she doesn’t even have to crack an egg. All she has to do is twist off a black plastic cap.  Readfearn, who graduated from UC Berkeley in 2019, consumes Just Eggs. Retailing at $4.99, the ‘egg’ mixture is actually a liquified…

‘Sea Warden’ Uses Satellites to Make Your Diet Healthier

By Kyle Giffin | January 26, 2020

How do any of us really know where our fish comes from? Sure, there are approvals and labeling tactics to make us more confident in the quality of our fish. But what if I could see data on the exact location and environment from which my fish came? Zack Dinh, currently working on a Master’s…

SCET Partners with Intuitive Foundation to Bring Redesigned Sports Tech & Human Performance Challenge Lab

By Kyle Giffin | January 26, 2020

Announcing Sports Tech and Human Performance ~ Spring 2020 Last year’s Sports Tech Challenge Lab received much attention from Cal students eager to dive headfirst into the fields of sports, technology, and science. In the Spring 2020 semester, this new challenge lab will be expanding in both scope and impact. The new course, led by…

Dr. Martin Potančok visits SCET, expands exchange of business and industry exposure between U.S. and Prague

By Ella Jensen | January 24, 2020

Dr. Martin Potančok is interested in discovering how academic innovation programs can be best exposed to industry and help students work on pressing problems and challenges. Potančok visited SCET earlier this semester from of the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) to gain insights from SCET programs and share his knowledge and experience with the SCET…

“Don’t Be A Stranger” snags top prize at SCET’s Fall 2019 Collider Cup

By Ella Jensen | January 23, 2020

More than 100 UC Berkeley students and community members gathered on Friday, December 13th in Sutardja Dai Hall to watch SCET’s top students and startups compete at Collider Cup V.  The Collider Cup is an all-star showcase and competition for student teams from various classes offered by the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. Teams…

Guests Rock the Fall 2019 Emerging Tech and Social Impact Challenge Lab!

By Luke Kowalski | January 22, 2020

The last couple of blog posts highlighted student projects from the respective Challenge Labs. Instead of doing it in this post, we have this amazing video showcasing outstanding projects from last semester compiled by Justin Wong.  The video highlights student video blogs where they ruminate on their entrepreneurship journey, and it also includes clips of their final start-up…

Want To Create A First-Of-Its-Kind Company? Five Tips For Success At The Front Edge Of Possible

By Alison McCauley | January 22, 2020

Over 500 million years ago, a spectacular array of new species emerged over a relatively short geological period. Called the Cambrian explosion, this era brought us most of the animal phyla we know today. Fast forward to modern times, and our most explosive periods of innovation are driven by technology. Once the basic infrastructure of…

Help Deplastify the Planet! The Challenge Lab returns for Spring 2020

By Mahira Dayal | January 12, 2020

Plastic is a big problem. World plastic production totaled 359 million tons in 2018, and production levels have grown steadily since 1950. It is estimated that 3-4% of plastic enters the ocean eventually creating ocean garbage patches such as the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now twice the size of Texas. And as…

How are entrepreneurs using blockchain? Here are 13 loglines from 13 innovative startups in the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

By Mahira Dayal | January 12, 2020

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is a joint venture by three premier organizations on the UC Berkeley campus: Berkeley Engineering’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, the Haas School of Business, and the Blockchain at Berkeley student group. Its purpose is to move new blockchain technologies and ventures forward, through leveraging the unparalleled resources at UC…

MeghaScore: Promoting financial inclusion in India

By Shivani Patel | January 10, 2020

Five months ago, six UC Berkeley students joined a Challenge Lab where the objective was to solve six problems that face Meghalaya, a North-East state in India. The challenges were Rainwater Harvesting, Horticulture, Turmeric, ECO Tourism, Healthcare and Financial Inclusion. Our challenge was to find a way to create a solution for financial inclusion for…

Foundercast: Expensify Founder & CEO David Barrett

By Ella Jensen | December 19, 2019

Berkeley Innovation Podcast: Marissa Mayer – Newton Series Classic

By Ella Jensen | December 14, 2019

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective AI

By Shomit Ghose | December 11, 2019

Adapt or Die Name a company anywhere in the world – just one! – that won’t be disrupted by Amazon or Google.  These two companies, along with their fellow votaries of Big Data and machine learning, are today entering every industry, to the competitive peril of businesses large and small.  The healthcare and financial industries…

Meet ‘Puma Browser,’ a browser with built-in micropayments

By Mahira Dayal | December 5, 2019

As a photography enthusiast, Yuriy Dybskiy had been thinking about how to make money as a creator. After working on projects tackling the challenge of creating a sustainable stream of income online, he took to a blockchain-powered idea: a browser with in-built micropayments.  Puma Browser is a privacy-focused mobile web browser which provides a new…

Global Program students share their experiences with entrepreneurship at Berkeley

By Ella Jensen | December 4, 2019

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology hosted students from around the world for the fall 2019 Startup Semester program. We spoke with Laurent Pan and Marine Derouault from the LeBridge Fellows program and Kingston Tan from Sunway University about their backgrounds in entrepreneurship and their experiences at UC Berkeley. Tell us a bit about…

11 Points of Advice from an Honest CEO

By Kyle Giffin | November 26, 2019

Whether you build technology or inspire those who do, you have the power to change the world.  But only if you make a genuine effort to try. On Tuesday, November 12th, students in the audience of the Newton Lecture Series were given a strikingly blunt lecture from Expensify Founder & CEO, David Barrett. Unlike most…

Leaf Global: Using Blockchain to Enable Virtual Banking Across Borders

By Harika Kalluri | November 22, 2019

The UN estimates that there are over 68 million people around the world who have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Even more live in states of economic, social and political instability. While asylum-seekers wait for their claims to be processed, they reside in detention centers with no entitlement to the freedom of movement, residency,…

Take the free online entrepreneurship course! SCET partner Aalto University brings entrepreneurial education within everyone’s reach

By Ella Jensen | November 22, 2019

A Blockchain Halloween in New Orleans

By Luke Kowalski | November 19, 2019

Karin Bauer from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and Lauren Weymouth from Ripple have apparently been brainstorming about how to incorporate blockchain-based courses into programs of other universities, and also how to make this effort more inclusive. Dr. Ali Emdad from Morgan State University was also a partner, and came up with an idea…

Berkeley Innovation Podcast, Episode 6: DoorDash Cofounder & CEO, Tony Xu

By Ella Jensen | November 19, 2019

Best Instructor, Best Course Coordinator Nomination Forms now open

By Mahira Dayal | November 14, 2019

This semester, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is excited to introduce “Best Instructor” and “Best Course Coordinator” awards to recognize outstanding work and commitment to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship. The awards are intended for individuals who have displayed exemplary dedication and innovation towards excellence in their field, curriculum development and pedagogical practices.…


Get ready for Collider Cup V!

By Mahira Dayal | November 13, 2019

On your mark, get set, go! We’re a month away from Collider Cup V — one of the biggest student entrepreneurship events at UC Berkeley. The event will be held on Friday, December 13, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Sutardja Dai Hall, in both Banatao Auditorium and the Kvamme Atrium.  RSVP here…

Berkeley Innovation Podcast, Episode 5: Padmini Pyapali at Uber, Jeff Juang at Facebook, and Sanjay Jeyakumar at Twitter, Cal Engineer Newton Series panel hosted by Amit Kumar

By Ella Jensen | November 13, 2019

SCET to use Innovation Engineering framework for Spring 2020 5G Course

By Ella Jensen | November 13, 2019

On October 12, SCET partnered with Global System for Mobile Communication, or GSMA, on a collaborative workshop on What’s Next for Data, AI for Telecom and 5G in preparation for a spring 2020 SCET course on innovating 5G and artificial intelligence. The workshop enabled a solid understanding of objectives and collaboration for spring 2020 course…

‘Coin Assistant’ Startup Makes Crypto Easy to Use

By Kyle Giffin | November 8, 2019

Coin founders Damon Nam and Byron Levels had initially set out to solve a personal problem: their passion for the potential of blockchain was met with an equal frustration for current solutions with high friction, extreme complexity, and poor user experiences. Investigating this problem further, Nam and Levels decided to poll consumers about the core…