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Graduate or undergraduate students with experience/expertise in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, medical devices, design and fabrication or MBA students with experience in healthcare / medical device markets should send a one-page CV and brief statement of interest to Jes Broeng ( ) no later than October 7.

The Challenge

The Sutardja Center and the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation are partnering with OSAA-Innovation for this design and build challenge.

A problem today is that 90% of all patients that are hospitalized get IV treatment, and this treatment immobilizes the patients as they are tied to a clumsy IV pole. OSAA Innovation’s solution is to “eliminate gravity” and remove the IV pole from the patient.This can be done by an inventive mobile drop box (MBD) that allows patients to move freely while receiving IV treatment.  See the story here:

OSAA Innovation is an existing team looking to take their concept to the next level. Teams of 2-3 students will design and build a prototype based one of the following use cases:

  • Children’s hospital; Small mobile hydration bag (100 ml) allowing children to play and move freely while receiving IV treatment.
  • Geriatric ward; Large mobile hydration bag (1,000 ml) enabling patients to sleep and use restrooms during the night without risk of falling of drop posts or tubes.
  • Other use cases such as outpatient use or paramedics use might be pursued depending on the outcome of the collider project.

Jes Broeng will select and form teams from the resumes submitted. There will be a kickoff session scheduled on October 12 (details to follow once teams are chosen)


The Final Presentation day will be December 7th 4:30pm to 6:00pm at the SCET offices in the Memorial Stadium.


See OSAA Final Results at – Teams compete for winning IV bag and infusion design in OSAA-Collider Final.