Sundial Foods was founded at UC Berkeley in 2019. We’re a food tech company with a proprietary process for creating next-generation meat alternative products that deliver an exceptional experience. Right now, we’re selling crispy, delicious, and clean-label plant- based chicken wings!

We’re looking for a social media intern/content creator willing to put in at least 10 hours per week. The intern will have the opportunity to work directly with company leadership, and to learn from an experienced marketing leader, as well as designers and PR agents. If you create a strong voice and community, there’s an opportunity to be promoted to social media manager with increased pay. There may be more than one social media intern, depending on workload and size of Sundial’s community over time.

The position is hybrid; most work will be remote, but there may be on-location shoots, interviews etc. for content creation and outreach. You would always be welcome onsite at our location in San Francisco.

As a startup in a rapidly expanding industry, our emphasis is on aggressive growth and innovative thinking. Even as an intern, there is significant opportunity to impact company strategy, and accomplishments that go above and beyond will be recognized and rewarded accordingly. We move quickly and focus on delivery of objectives — you’ll be expected to do the same.

Pay starts at $20/h. Please note — for this role we’re valuing creativity & voice over experience!

Key Activities:

  • Content calendar: plan Sundial’s content 1-3 months in advance, including planning of when, where, and how content creation will occur, and how budget will be used
  • Content creation: create 2 visual Instagram posts per week and 1 reel/video for Tiktok & Instagram per month
  • Drive community growth to reach competitive engagement; track engagement across platforms and suggest methods for improvement
  • Manage marketing materials and direct communications
  • Suggest strategies to turn initial community growth into traction


  • Manage Instagram and Tiktok communities and track/manage growth and engagement
  • Engage followers by responding to DMs, comments, etc.
  • Focus on growth and tracking of consumer community and assist in outreach and planning for popups, events, etc.

To apply, please email In your email, include the following:

  1. How many hours per week you want to work (can be a range)
  2. One suggestion of a reel you would create for Sundial’s vegan chicken wings*
  3. (Optional) An example of a social media page managed by you (any platform)

*Instagram: @sundialfoods
Tiktok: @sundialfoods

Application deadline: September 26th, 2022

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