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The convergence of laboratory automation, high-throughput assays, and machine learning is moving the medium of biological discovery to silicon. At LatchBio, our mission is to foster this revolution by creating a first-in-class platform that enables biologists to leverage the explosion of data that increases by orders of magnitude every year.

LatchBio Product Marketing Intern

Your mission will be to develop a product marketing strategy to disseminate Latch throughout the biotech market. You’ll engage with online communities like GitHub, Twitter, and Reddit and build online connections. You will also figure out where people online discuss AlphaFold, RNA-seq, bioinformatics, etc. and share Latch. As part of this role, you will have liberty to spread free T-shirts, Hoodies, and other epic Latch gear in-person.

Who are we?

We’re a team of engineers and designers building software for biotech. Over the last 90 days we brought our platform to the market and have seen substantial growth. In this role, we are looking for a driven scientist or student at University who wants to develop their skills in product marketing. You will join us and start your career within a BioTech SaaS startup.


• You have a background in bio and business, cs, or math.
• You have a specific interest in product marketing.
• You are an exceptional writer.
• You are skilled at building online relationships with many people.
• You are fine being measured by results (number of links posted)
• You are passionate about tech and the mission of Latch.


• Aim to be exceptional. Read books on product marketing.
• Learn biology, cloud & data infrastructure.
• Focus on quantifiable results.

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Keith McAleer