Lead for Functional Prototyping @ Climate Change Start-up

About the job

Exciting chance to work directly with two co-founders (ex-MIT, McKinsey, SoftBank) to build out a product to help
customers effortlessly achieve net-zero GHG emissions.

The intern will be responsible for building a functional prototype that ideally combines (i) ingestion of customer data
(e.g., information about purchase history), (ii) ingestion of product data (gathered via APIs or web-scraping), (iii)
ingestion of company-specific data, (iv) a frontend to present relevant customer choices, annotated with pertinent
information, (v) necessary tools to conduct transactions.
The prototype should be built flexibly so as to permit adjustment based on direct customer testing and feedback, and
should in turn, generate actionable recommendations about most relevant product data to gather and customer
segments to target.

The intern should (i) be capable of collaborative problem-solving, (ii) able to work on agreed-upon deliverables in a
standalone manner, while not hesitating to flag unexpected or interesting findings, (iii) be able to demonstrate
programming capabilities relevant to the task at hand. Attention to details and an obsession with serving customer
needs is critical. Ability to show example work product a must.

Remote or, if located in the Bay Area, in-person meetings on as-needed/helpful basis

Next Steps
Interested candidates are encouraged to submit (i) a cover letter introducing themselves and their professional
accomplishments and ambitions; (ii) a short (1 page) description of any specific qualifications that make them
particularly suited to this particular internship. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Core Values
We are looking for open-minded individuals who are passionate about helping achieve net zero GHG emissions by
2050. We strongly prefer individuals that appreciate that society, as a whole, needs to rise to this challenge, and that
individuals are starting from many different places and with strikingly different motivations.

Please send application materials to climate_internship@jrsnewman.com

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