Data Science/Machine Learning Engineering Intern @ HANDLE


Data Science/Machine Learning Engineering Intern

A Little About Us

In an increasingly mobile world, processing information transmitted through messaging services on a daily basis is critical from personal, social, and professional perspectives. We are constantly bombarded with notifications and may inadvertently miss important information just because we are unable to prioritize or manage all of our conversations manually. Therefore, HANDLE is committed to simplifying the digital communications experience for billions of people across the globe by developing a mobile app that efficiently syncs conversations across multiple social media messaging services, improves the chat interface, and reduces stress.

Why You Should Be Excited

Have you ever scrolled through the labyrinth of messaging apps on your phone and realized that you accidentally ghosted someone important? If so, your frustrations may soon be coming to an end, and YOU can be part of that solution.

This is a ground floor opportunity to join HANDLE—a SkyDeck Pad-13 Program startup and UC Launch Accelerator Program graduate—to revolutionize messaging and communications. You will be joining a diverse team of accomplished engineers, product experts, and business buffs that is entering a stage of hyper growth.

What We are Looking For

We are recruiting motivated Data Science and ML Engineering interns who can take our product to the next level, with a focus in Natural Language Processing. All who have experience with NLP model development/training, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, and clustering analysis are especially encouraged to apply. Minimum qualifications include: Experience with Leading ML Libraries (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Sklearn), Dataset Analysis, NLP-based Text Ranking/Relevance Applications, etc.

If this excites you, then please share a copy of your resume/CV with Kanak Kapoor (

Let’s shape the future of messaging and digital communications together!

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