Co-founder, CTO @ Cloztumization

 Job Title 

Co-founder, CTO. 

The project 

Cloztumization follows a B2B2C model — We aim at solving high returns operational costs (billions lost each year) and low click-to-buy conversion rates (1.5% average) for e-fashion retailers by addressing fitting and sizing issues for their customers (the cause of 75% of returns). This will be realized by a 3D body scan, allowing the clothes pre-visualization before the purchasing process. 

Job Purpose 

We’re looking for the third member in our founding team. Sales, marketing, finance are pretty much covered, so we now need the final rockstar in our team; a technical co-founder that can help us build the solution. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities 

You’d be responsible for handling the technical aspect of our product : 

  • Building the first working prototype. 
  • Recruiting and managing a technical team after funding/incubation. 

Required Qualifications 

  • Strong technical background/strong will to learn 
  • 3D software knowledge (Blender, Maya, 3ds Max) 
  • Photogrammetry software knowledge (Photoscan or similar..) 
  • S.L.A.M concept understanding 


  • Major in data science, computer science, or any AI/3D modeling related field. 


  • Proven technical background. 
  • Experience using 3D models is appreciated. 
  • Experience within the gaming industry is appreciated. 

Time commitment 

  • 10-20 hours a week 


  • TBA 

To apply please send your resume to


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Keith McAleer