AI / ML Intern Opportunity @ NExTNet Inc.

NExTNet is building a digital infrastructure to accelerate biomedical decision-making. 

The scope of the opportunity is massive: the average dollar cost of bringing a drug to market is ~$2.6 billion with a >96% failure rate. On average, it takes ~10-15 years of persistent R&D from conception to full regulatory approval (FDA, EMA etc.). Among the many roadblocks along the way, the inability of domain and subject matter experts to query and access a shared and structured resource containing large swathes of scientific knowledge and evidence is a particularly significant pain point: siloed and unstructured R&D results in false discoveries greatly outnumbering true discoveries in preclinical research, leading to bad decision making and mistakes that are only realized much later in the development cycle eventually resulting in inefficacious and ineffective drugs. The problem is getting worse: a life science paper is published every 10 seconds, an average biomedical researcher is generating PBs of molecular data every year. A majority of these disjointed and siloed data are waiting to be contextualized and organized in connection to other efforts to facilitate speedier and more-informed decision-making. Cue NExTNet! 

We leverage breakthroughs in software, graph databases, Natural Language Processing, and Explainable AI to building the platform for humans to query the totality of scientific knowledge, ask and answer complex questions, contextualize their own “behind the firewall” proprietary institutional data without writing a single line of code. We call this the OS for the modern biotech and pharma, sort of like what Microsoft’s OS did for personal computing because we are abstracting away all the computational complexity with a clean and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) so that scientists can interact with the insights hidden in their data as frictionlessly as possible. 

Today Sapiens has discovered ~200 million relationships between biomedical concepts and entities (cells, genes, proteins, diseases, pathways) and is rapidly expanding. Our growing pipeline of early adopters love us and love our product! We believe that the combination of our powerful GUI, together with the end-to-end collaborative and graph navigation tools for generating, testing, validation and sharing hypotheses, will reverse a failing biotech R&D ecosystem by disrupting the status quo of how humans are expected to learn new concepts and discover new insights. 

About the Role 

This is the role that every AI/ML grad student covets. Working to make a big impact at the cutting-edge of biotech (or techbio or biomedicine) at an early stage but a growing deep tech startup. There simply is no higher impact technical role in all of startup land. You get to come in, interact directly with our key partners, make some seminal contribution to our rapidly expanding and massive knowledge base over the next few months while helping to implement, deploy and publish Deep Learning models that leverage the NExTNet knowledge graph. And if you knock that out of the park, the world is your oyster as they say. As if that was not enough, you will work directly with the CEO and founding exec team. 

About You 

Qualifications that may make you a good fit for our team: 

  • Pursuing PhD or Master’s degree in Machine Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics or related areas; ● Expertise in designing and deploying Deep Learning (DL) and statistical Machine Learning (ML) models at scale; frameworks such as PyTorch and TensorFlow 
  • Proficient at Programming (Python, C, C++) with tried experience crafting, prototyping, and delivering advanced algorithmic solutions; 
  • Creative, collaborative, & product focused;
  • Team player…. with a sense of humor 
  • If you are waiting for more than 24 hours on feedback, you knock on doors (and knock them down if need be). And you know how to deliver clear and simple updates – you don’t need to overwhelm your stakeholders with information – you give them exactly what they need, and you know how to get what you need to keep the ball rolling. 

Who We Are 

We are a small team of scientists, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs committed to fundamentally impact how humans can access the totality of scientific knowledge and evidence. We build on experience at some of the world’s leading research programs and finest institutions. While we’re early in our journey, we are live with customers, funded by exceptional investors including Hike Ventures, OnDeck, Propelx, and are supported by the Creative Destruction Lab, the leading seed-stage program for massively scalable, science- and technology-based companies. 

We are a remote-first company, although we have occasional (but optional) get-togethers in California. We seek and celebrate diverse perspectives and are committed to building a company and culture that reflects the diversity of the world around us. We are looking for kind, collaborative and mission-driven teammates who work within 2 time zones of Pacific Time. 

If interested, please get in touch via email:

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