We’re a month away from one of the Sutardja Center’s biggest events of the semester — Collider Cup IV!

The Collider Cup is SCET’s all-star showcase of the best student teams from each semester. The Sutardja Center is excited to present Collider Cup IV on Friday, May 10 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in Jacobs Hall, Studio 310, with 14 teams vying for the coveted Collider Cup!

Please be sure to register to attend on Eventbrite HERE.

This semester’s Cup features teams from classes such as applied data science, blockchain, Alt.Meat, product design, sports tech, tech entrepreneurship, and the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (BMoE), among others. Classes will be showcased during both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Teams will pitch to professors, investors and industry experts and receive expert feedback from a panel of judges. Instructors will also be available during lunch to chat with students about SCET classes.

Last semester, student startup, Loop, from SCET’s Sports Tech Challenge Lab (185), took home the Cup for developing innovative sports technology that allows athletes to analyze their body mechanics while weightlifting. The product grew from team member Mike Devlin’s previous project, Marco Polo, which used computer vision to identify and analyze techniques for improvement.

Similar to last semester’s event, the top 3 teams will receive an automatic final round of meetings with Arrow Capital for a potential of $15K to $50K seed funding opportunities. Arrow Capital is a student operated venture capital firm supercharged by Bow Capital & University of California’s Endowment Fund. They empower the next generation of world-class Berkeley startups through funding, mentorship, and long-term strategic partnerships.

Along with Arrow Capital, there will also be representatives from The Dorm Room Fund, Haas’ Trione Student Venture Fund, Free Ventures and The House Fund in attendance. All funds will be scouting, watching and judging the presentations, along with being available to meet with students.

For the fourth semester in a row, the Collider Cup gives students the chance to not only perfect their pitch skills, but also receive helpful feedback and advice from the best and brightest in the field. Our students come away from the event empowered in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Much like SCET’s motto “It All Starts Here”, the Collider Cup does not mark the end of these students’ work, but rather helps them discover the next milestone on their journey’ to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

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