Featured Projects

In our project-based courses in entrepreneurship and technology, students gain hands-on experience working in teams to prototype and pitch innovative solutions to address important, real-world challenges. Below, you can find a selection of projects from SCET courses.


The campus-friendly thrifting marketplace

Team: Clemence Billiemaz, Varsha Vaidyanath, Kartiki Gaur, Minyue Xia, Qingyue (Cecilia) Zhan

DTP: Grove Collaborative

Pollution to solution

Team: Sudeshna Naik, Akash Mahajan, Mia Thomas, Allisia Sandoval, Thibaud Huriez


Transforming the podcast experience

Team: Tony Shi, Annie Lin, Dean Huynh, Maria Damian, Hannah Yan
NavSafe app – safe navigation app


Making urban exploration safe

Team: Jace Sheu, Ishan Tikku, Ruila Puskas-Juhasz, Liwen Zhang, Valerie Huang, Asif Mohammad

Lululemon Haptic Retail Kiosks

Feeling fabrics through haptic technology

Team: Felipe Barragán, Jocelyn Thai, Lyle Lalunio, Medha Maddileti, Selina Wu, and Zhannguanglu Wang
NovaXS Biotech Logo

NovaXS Biotech

Revolutionizing drug delivery with needle-free injection

Team: Alina Su, Jonathan Xing

BTC Predictor

Next generation predictive financial software

Team: Chris De Leon, Michela Burns, Vivian Lin, and Haoliang Jiang


Analyzing game toxicity through public data

Team: Chris Lai, Jing yao, Nanxi Li, Yan Xiao, Xuanrui Zhang


Deplastifying the planet

Team: Amrita Bhasin, Alexandre Truan, Stacey Binnion, Suyash Jaju


Reimagining mental health treatment

Team: Irtaza Mehdi, Morgan Lamberti, Mark Wu, Maia Bickert


Revolutionizing physical therapy with computer vision

Team: Simon Walser, Talia Arauzo, Brian Fu, Sailesh Mohapatra, Sam Deverett, Jeremy Berkowitz