Emerging Technology Fellows


A New Model for Industry Leadership Development
as well as Virtual Venture Acceleration

Berkeley Emerging Tech Fellows is a highly selective program and a global network of innovators, entrepreneurs and technology leaders. The goal is for participants to solve significant real-world problems in the context of a changing world that includes the emergence of AI, Blockchain, advances in robotics and many other new technologies.

Sutardja Center Emerging Technology Fellows

Emerging Technology Fellows are invited to join as Berkeley Visiting Scholars — attending live or via virtual meetings. They propose their own real-world challenge and solution that may leverage emerging technologies. Fellows periodically share updates with world-class business and technology leaders, and have full access to lab resources and new ventures at Berkeley. Fellows are also matched with students of the Sutardja Center to pay mentoring forward. The more senior Fellows stay on within the network to provide guidance to newer members as they are admitted.

First cohort to be announced soon:


The Problem:

  • The world is changing quickly in both industry landscape as well as emerging new technologies such as AI, Data, Blockchain, Robotics and many more.
  • But, the ACTUAL problem is multi-dimensional and includes strategy, technical skills, innovation culture,  processes, and leadership.
The Solution:
  • Our learning model at this level DOES NOT focus on classroom education or historical case study.
  • Instead, our model DOES focus on real-life, current issues, a world-class network, and learning from each other in real time.


What is ETF:

Emerging Technology Fellows is a program and global network that redefines the educational model for developing innovative and entrepreneurial leaders.

  • Develop Technology Leadership
  • Solve Real-Life Industry Challenges
  • Creates a Global Network of Experts and Colleagues

How it Works:

  • Fellows are invited to join for one year as a Berkeley visiting scholar — attending live or virtual meetings.
  • They propose their own real life, complex, leadership challenge — possibly related to data, AI, Blockchain, or other emerging technology.
  • Share real-life updates with world-class technology and business leaders.
  • Fellows have access to people, lab resources, and new ventures at Berkeley and globally
  • Emerging Technology Fellow Leaders are matched with Student fellows of the Sutardja Center to pay mentoring forward and to better access the campus ecosystem.

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