Engineering Leadership Professional Program Joined by Keyssa CEO & VP


March 28, 2017



Eric Almgren, CEO Keyssa; Rick Rasmussen, Sutardja Center Instructor & Industry Fellow; Steve Venuti, VP Keyssa join ELPP.

Last night, the Engineering Leadership Professional Program had the pleasure of being joined by Eric Almgren and Steve Venuti of Keyssa’s leadership team, who provided first-hand insights on the new Keyssa case (Keyssa: Unraveling the Laws of Physics). The case was taught by Rick Rasmussen and was recently published by Stanford GSB.

The case is interesting as it explores the challenges associated with growing a start-up around a brand new technology.  In October 2012, Eric Almgren became CEO of Keyssa.  Founded in 2009, Keyssa reinvented the physical connector, an essential component in every computing and mobile device around the globe.  Using a novel technology called Kiss Connectivity, Keyssa enabled contactless, wireless, secure, instant data flows within and between devices, while freeing product designers from the constraints of bulky but fragile metal connectors.

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