Engineered Influence: Weak Data, Machine Learning & Behavioral Economics

This article is will be published in the 2017 Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology’s annual journal AIR (Applied Innovation Review) in June 2017. You can see the 2016 version here. Shomit Ghose is a UC Berkeley alum and mentor, venture capitalist, and partner at ONSET ventures. Cognitive Irredentists Arise! A dystopian world: sentient machines…

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An Update on Big Data Trends in 2017

2016 was a very eventful year for the ever-growing world of big data, with more and more organizations using storage and processing methods that have developed in the field to extract more value from their business through data of all forms and sizes. In 2017, there is an expectation that many systems that support both…

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Blockchain: We’re Barely Getting Started

It has now been more than six years since a research paper released under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto marked the beginning of a transformation of the mechanisms that we currently use for the transfer and safe-keeping of information at an international scale. But his paper, where Bitcoin was first introduced, was only meant to…

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Artificial Intelligence for Games: Why it Matters

While artificial intelligence agents defeating human competitors in popular games is nothing new, recent benchmarks have evolved at a rate and extent that is truly remarkable. In the past, we’ve seen computers beat the world chess champion [1], defeat Jeopardy! Winners [2], and master difficult Atari games [3]. Recently, however, artificial intelligence agents have done…

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Announcing the Financial Inclusion Collider Winners

This past week the Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship & Technology wrapped up its financial inclusion collider. Students from a range of disciplines worked on the financial inclusion motive that has been talked about at multiple points this semester; how do you get the 2bn unbanked population around the world to create bank accounts, and gain…

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Anju Patwardhan – The Fight for Financial Inclusion

Few are more qualified to gauge the growth of Fintech, or know more about the global financial industry than Anju Patwardhan. A globally recognized thought leader for banking and technology, an influencer and speaker at institutions like the UN and World Bank, and Chief Innovation Officer at Standard Chartered, Anju has dedicated her 17 years…

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SCET Explains — Connected Cars

In 1953, Isaac Asimov gave life to Sally, a corvette that could communicate and drive itself. 1968 saw Hal, a highly intelligent computer that could operate a large spaceship in Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey. Intelligent cars have long been an aspiration and held a seat in our imaginations, and have now become a reality.…

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The Accelerating Development of the Self-Driving Car

With Tesla’s self-driving cars having made the headlines these past few months (be it positive or negative press), the self-driving car topic has taken a different angle. Now that the Didi-Uber rivalry question has been answered, the sharing economy discussion has merged with that of the ‘connected’ car. As companies such as Uber and Lyft…

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