Olivia Wang talks about Zhenfund and connecting a global community of investors

Olivia Wang — a philosopher by trade — broke into the tech industry as the 7th employee at Zhenfund, back in 2014. Wang visited the Sutardja Center Newton Lecture Series on February 5 to talk about Zhenfund, what the startup ecosystem … Read More

Yoky Matsuoka talks robotics, road to role as Google Health VP

  Yoky Matsuoka is many things — a former aspiring professional tennis player, mother of four kids, and EECS extraordinaire. She’s also the vice president of Google Health and holds more than 250 patents. Matsuoka stopped by the Sutardja Center’s … Read More

UC Berkeley alumni use fungi to make realistic salmon alternative

Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon speak at SCET’s Newton Lecture Series. You’ve probably tried a veggie burger or maybe even soy chicken strips –– but have you ever seen salmon that isn’t animal-based? Joshua Nixon and Kimberlie Le, the co-founders … Read More

Startup Semester Spotlight: Marcelo Dias

Juggling six classes, breaking the language barrier, and speaking to industry leaders on his free time are only a few things Marcelo Dias has accomplished during his time in Berkeley. Marcelo was the one student who was selected from the … Read More

How to ‘Startup’ with Michael Seibel: CEO of Y Combinator

On February 20th, Michael Seibel came to speak to the A. Richard Newton Series course about his journey with Y Combinator (YC), a leading startup accelerator, and what entrepreneurs can do to be successful at YC today. Seibel was the … Read More

Cal alum Arjun Dev Arora shares what he thinks is the “x-factor” every entrepreneur should have

Students in the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series attended a fireside chat with 500 Startups partner and Cal alum, Arjun Dev Arora.  While Arora is an engineer by training, he developed a keen interest in the business of technology while … Read More

Tech icon Judy Estrin spoke to Berkeley students on the importance of company culture and the evolution of Silicon Valley

Students in the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series attended a fireside chat with the iconic Judy Estrin. Known for contribution to the development of Transmission Control Protocol — a system that is critical for the networking in the internet to … Read More

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