Alt Meat

SCET is the home of the Alt: Meat X-Lab at UC Berkeley. Students create innovative ventures in our AltMeat: Product Design of Plant-Based Foods Challenge Lab course.

Chicken and waffles served at Larissa Zimberoff's futuristic dinner at 18 Reasons in San Francisco. The chicken comes from Sundial Foods, while the waffle is made with upcycled flour from Renewal Mill.

Alt Meat Alum Team’s Chicken Drumstick Featured in “Future Food” Dinner

San Francisco Chronicle

Limousin cows in Farmer John’s pasture. Mosa Meat will cultivate their cells in a lab to grow into hamburger that is genetically identical, no slaughter required

Ricardo San Martin Featured in TIME: The Cow That Could Feed the Planet

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At Berkeley’s Alt: Meat Lab, some students learn to be CEOs

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How Design Thinking Can Help Create Affordable Meat Alternatives

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Amid COVID-19, the Alt: Meat Lab continues its research

“Favorite Class at Berkeley”: Alumni Reflect On Their Pathway to Plant-Based Meat

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Needfinding, Design Thinking, and Alternative Meat: A Conversation With Anne Fletcher

An edited transcription of some of the questions that came up during Alyssa Plese’s conversation with Anne Fletcher, where they spoke about need-finding, design thinking, and the role they will play in Fletcher’s upcoming challenge lab.