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Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship – A Quick Recap

This past week, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship wrapped up its signature week-long bootcamp, capping off a week characterized with mesmerizing presentations from both speakers and students from a variety of professional fields, majors and countries. Key note speakers such as Dr. Vivienne Ming, Anne Fletcher, Alex Mehr (CEO & Founder of Zoosk, Mentor Box),…

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Berkeley Perspective: the Hague

As the semester wraps up, we not only rush to finish projects and study for finals, but it’s also a time to look back on experiences we have gained and new friends we have met. The Sutardja Center welcomed four bright seniors from the Hague University in the Netherlands this fall – Maria Estella, Erik…

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PhilDev’s Scholars & The Mission to Replicate Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology is well-known by now for its collaborative approach and collider mentality; one that is based on the principal that creating knowledge societies and bi-directional information exchange is crucial to successful entrepreneurship. Under the Global Partners program, the SCET invites and sends students to various universities and entrepreneurship hubs…

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Meet Dr. Sunny Yuan, Visiting Scholar

A visiting post-doctoral research fellow from the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, Xiaohui (Sunny) Yuan hopes to learn about the Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem in her time at the Sutardja Center. As part of a project for the city government of Beijing, Dr. Yuan will study American incubator models and innovative spaces to…

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The Seawater Battery – an Eco-Friendly Solution by Global Partners

In June, graduate students Woo-Seok Go and Jeong-Sun Park arrived in Berkeley with the Seawater Battery, a novel product designed to combat environmental problems and increasing electricity demands. Unlike a traditional battery, the Seawater battery produces charge through the flow of the sodium ions found in seawater and can additionally be used for water purification…

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Building a New Bridge to Silicon Valley Culture

Nowadays many companies from all around the world come to Silicon Valley (SV) to learn how to become more innovative and technologically competitive. However, the recurrent question is:  what’s the best way to do that? At the School of Engineering of P. Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC) we are prototyping/testing a new program called Bridge…

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UC Berkeley Sutardja Center Faculty Launches MOOC to Teach Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Culture to Latin America

What makes Silicon Valley (SV) such a uniquely vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation? How can entrepreneurs from outside SV learn from its success? To answer these questions, the Sutardja Center’s Visiting Scholar Ricardo San Martin delved deeply into what makes SV so unique for Decodificando Silicon Valley (Decoding Silicon Valley), a course launched three…

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