Ikhlaq Sidhu, SCET Founder and Chief Scientist

Gigi Wang – SCET Industry Fellow & BMoE Chair

Ken Singer – Managing Director SCET

Adam Sterling – Executive Director, Berkeley Center for Law

Anne Fletcher – Design Thinking Lecturer

Alex Mehr – Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of Zoosk, Gear Zero

Anastasia Ashman – Operating Manager, Topaz Ventures

Bob Upham – Senior Director, Digital Products at Visa

Brian Kress – Strategy Director, Swirl

Buddy Burke – Public Speaking Instructor, Apple

Connor Landraf – CEO & Founder, Eko Devices

Constanza Nieto – Founder & CEO, Globaltech Bridge

Debra Harris – Business Development, Exadel

George Kopas – Founder & CEO, EOS Media

George Maroulis – Head of Private and Commercial Banking at CB Private

Hilary Weber – CEO & Founder, Opportu Startup Innovation

Jeff Burton – Co-Founder, Stealth Project & Ex-Executive Director, Skydeck

Jerry Yang – General Partner & Hardware Lead, Hardware Club

Kal Deutsch – CEO & Founding Investor-Advisor, Batchery

Kate Gunning – Market Strategist (Life Sciences)

Lonnie Finkel – Business Attorney, Finkel Law Group

Mai Nguyen – Associate, Berkeley Research Group

Mike Lee – Senior Lecturer in Digital Entrepreneurship, USC

Natasha Chatlein – Science & Technology Advisor, Holland Innovation Network

Olivier Younes – Professor, HEC

Pamela Day – Founder, LookWho & Founder, Project: Tiny Giant

Phyllis Whiteley – Venture Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners

Rana Gujral – Mentor, HACK Temple, Writer @ Forbes, Serial Entrepreneur

Rick Rasmussen – Managing Director, Concordia Ventures

Scottie Spurzem – English Coach & Industry Fellow, SCET

Shomit Ghose – Managing Partner, OnSet Ventures

Stephen Torres – Lecturer @ SCET and CEO, MyDomino

Sung Hae Kim – People Operations Leader, Pivotal

Tamra Teig – Founder, Berkeley Startup Network

Vivienne Ming – Founder at Socos

Saad Hirani – Emcee, BMOE

Danielle Vivo – Emcee & Program Manager, BMoE

Menglong Guo – Student Mentor (Hardware Focused Startups)

Lillian Dong – Student Lead & Ops