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Other Notable BMoE Speakers and Mentors

Other Previous Speakers and Mentors

Tony Y Chan – North American Real Estate Investment Group

Tony Wessling – Managing Principal, Chromium Group

Bob Christopher – Director of Innovation, Panasonic Labs, Hardware Entpreneur

Stanislav Richter – Deputy Director, xPORT Business Accelerator

Sophie-Charlotte Moatti – Founder, Products that Count

Richard Chan – Managing Partner, Ironfire Ventures

Stephen Pieraldi – Founder, FailPros

Pascal Diaine – Manager, OrangeFab Incubator

Olivier Younes – Professor, HEC

Nori Castillo – MD, Skydeck Accelerator

Mai-houng Le – Senior Director, Engineering Research, Yahoo!

Matt Walters – MD, Runway Incubator

Joanne Chen – Partner, Foundation Capital

Janet Gregory – Executive Sales and Business Development Coach

Carmen Hughes – Founder, Ignite PR

Anis Uzzaman – Managing Partner, Fenox Capital

Charlotta Johnsson – Ass.Professor Lund, Sweden

Anoesjka Timmermans – Lecturer, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

Aiko Fushida – Venture Executive, KDDI Americas

Bob Upham – VP of Business Development,

Eugene Noh – New Ventures Program Manager, SCET

Kate Gunning – Market Strategist (Life Sciences)

Scottie Spurzem – English Language Coach

Anil Gorthy – Principal Android Engineer, DJI

Chuck Ng – Partner, Pre-Angel Partners

Kaan Aykac – Senior Product Manager, Amazon

Red Smith – President, Smart Growth Group

Glen Jeh – Founder, Kaltix (sold to Google), Search Guru

Kamran Elahian – Founder, Global Catalyst Partners

Ricardo San Martine – Professor, PUC Chille

Ali Khayrallah – Engineering Director – Ericsson Research

Ed Fernandez – Partner & Founder,

Paul Nerger – SVP,

George Kopas – Founder & CEO, EOS Media

Jameson Buffmire – Business Analyst, Orange

Nadia Yacoobsway – Partner, SW Law Group

Errol Arkilic – CEO, M34Capital

Rama Shukla – Former VP, Innovation & Incubation, Intel Corp.

Vic Kulkarni – Senior VP & GM – RTL Power Business

Anne Mirante – VP of Finance Analysis, Bed Bath & Beyond

Kim Polese – Entrepreneur & Tech Executive, Founder of Marimba

Rick Rasmussen – Managing Director, Concordia Ventures

Reinald Normand – CEO, Innovation2 & Serial Entrepreneur

Gerry Baranano – EIR, Tech Futures Group

David Law – Program Manager & Instructur, Social Entrepreneurship, SCET

Saad Enam – CEO,

Desiree Dagmi – Art Expert, ex-Sotheby’s

Evgeniya Shamis – Founder, Sherpa S Pro

Christobal Cheyre – Professor, Engineer, PUC Chile

The Berkeley Method Bootcamp

To view a detailed agenda of the BMoE Bootcamp Spring 2016, click here.


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