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Announcing the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator in January 2019
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Focusing on the Future of Blockchain

An Emerging Model for Applied Research

The UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab includes a growing network of leading new ventures and blockchain industry projects with the goal of separating hype from reality in this emerging industry.

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UC Berkeley's Blockchain X -Lab seeks collaborations with:

  • affiliated new ventures
  • visiting industry scholars
  • innovative industry projects
  • applied research led by leading academics
  • with opportunities to join our network of faculty, students, and industry partners.

.. and those seeking to evaluate, validate, and execute blockchain ventures.

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Dawn Song

UC Berkeley Professor, Division of CS/EECS

Xin Guo

Professor, UC Berkeley IEOR

Ikhlaq Sidhu

Chief Scientist, SCET - IEOR Emerging Area Professor Award

Steve Chen

Industry Co-lead

Alexander Fred Ojala

Visiting Scholar and Co-Instructor, Applied Data Science

Ronen Kirsh

Industry Specialist, Blockchain at Berkeley

Jocelyn Weber

Industry Fellow, SCET, IEOR

Da Hongfei

NEO Founder, Onchain CEO, Lab Mentor

Twitter / Reddit

Zeyu Zheng

Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley IEOR


Luke Kowalski

Instructor / Industry Fellow, SCET
VP, Corporate Architecture Group, Oracle

 Kartik Mehrotra

Accelerator & Fund Advisor, Industry Fellow, SCET

Head of Bus Development, IOTW

Anthony DiPrinzio

Blockchain Advisor, Industry Fellow, SCET

Co-President Blockchain at Berkeley

 Gloria Zhao

Blockchain Advisor, Industry Fellow, SCET

Co-President Blockchain at Berkeley

Affiliated Faculty, Visiting Scholars, and Students

Thomas Ferry

Ann Snitko

Eric (Yiqi) Hou

Sid Masih

Alberto Todeschini

Jeremiah Andrews

Jinming Hu

Parth Singhal

Leon Ming, Ling Xie

Aparna Krishnan

Zubin Koticha

Alexis Gauba

Maaz Uddin

Philip Hayes

Vishesh Mehta

Gireeja Ranade

Kannan Ramchandran

Berkeley Blockchain Ecosystem

of SCET IEOR, Berkeley Engineering
of SCET IEOR, Berkeley Engineering
Founded by Berkeley Alumni
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Named Partner
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Past Collider Sprints

Blockchain Collider Sprint

Held Friday-Saturday, November 17-18, 2017 and taught by Steve Chen, founder of EchoLink, a Blockchain Lab sponsor.  For the SCET Blockchain Hacker's Guide (Resources List) that came out of this 1 unit class, click here.

Blockchain Technology Collider

Learning about the Emerging Opportunities at the Intersection of Finance, Security, and Cryptography | Spring 2016

Current Projects

Decentralized Nondeterministically Verifiable Security

Eric (Yiqi) Hou, Sid MasihAlberto TodeschiniJeremiah Andrews, Parth Singhal, Leon Ming, Ling Xie

Framework for Cryptoeconomic Incentives in Proof of Stake (PoS) Systems

Aparna KrishnanZubin KotichaAlexis GaubaMaaz UddinPhilip Hayes, Vishesh Mehta

Efficient and secure consensus for Blockchain

Gireeja Ranade

VoDChain: A Blockchain-based Crowdsourced Video-on-Demand System

Kannan Ramchandran


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