Berkeley Blockchain Lab Sponsorship

With Blockchain's emergence as a key technology area garnering tremendous interest in a broad variety of industries, SCET launched the Berkeley Blockchain Lab in fall 2017 to facilitate experimentation and learning with students, researchers, and faculty at Berkeley. Join us.

For Industry - Many global and Silicon Valley firms are strategizing to prepare for the market shifts that will occur due to Blockchain technology.

A collaboration with Berkeley SCET's Blockchain Lab can help firms develop further expertise, technological capability, innovative behaviors and culture, and collaborative networks with students and faculty in a genuine and practical sense.  









Berkeley Blockchain Lab Corporate Sponsorship Levels

Level 1: Corporate Sponsor - this level is customized for the sponsor and involves no long-term commitment. The funding may range from $10K for a sponsored event, to additional costs for research reports, or higher for broader engagement. Possible elements of the sponsorship may include:
  • Company name listed as sponsor to build awareness on the Berkeley campus
  • Sponsor a course, lab, activity, research report, or prize
  • Visibility to students and broad ecosystem
  • Active participation in sponsorship activity
  • All activity published in public domain
  • No IP restrictions
  • Newsletter and invitation to all events
Level 2: Corporate Collaborator with named Industry Fellow participation, 3-year commitment and is customized with the following options:
  • Includes Level 1 benefits
  • Participation in lab or activity as named Industry Fellow at the Center
  • Contribute as listed Industry Fellow
  • Active collaboration in lab and teaching areas
  • Visa processing by UC Berkeley as needed
  • One Visiting Scholar or Industry Fellow per year or two for six months each
  • Learn new areas for assignments and responsibility for your firm
Level 3: Corporate Partner with 3-year commitment and is customized with the following options:
  • Includes Level 1 and 2 benefits
  • Additionally includes $25K credit maximum toward SCET executive programs:
    • ELPP: Engineering Leadership Professional Program - over 4.5 months, 1 evening per week in Silicon Valley with professionals from Google, Samsung, VMware, etc. (list price $14,300 / corporate partner price of $7,300; up to 2 people with $7K discount each, annually)
    • SVIL: Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership weeklong program in Berkeley (list price $10,500 / corporate partner price $5,500; up to 2 people with $5K discount each, annually)
    • BMoE Bootcamp: Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - held for 1 week, twice annually in Berkeley (list price $5K/person / corporate partner price of $3K; up to 4 people with $2K discount each, annually)
    • One time only customized executive session or custom workshop for your organization on leading innovation and disruptive technologies - one per year, with Center Faculty (list price typically $35K/day/program; corporate partner price discounted $15K/day).
  • Remote satellite office at Berkeley Sutardja Center

X-Level Sponsorship for Customized Projects

Click HERE to visit Blockchain at Berkeley student group.

Related Collider Sprints

Blockchain Technology Collider Sprint

Held Friday-Saturday, November 17-18, 2017 and taught by Steve Chen, founder of EchoLink, a Blockchain Lab sponsor.  For the SCET Blockchain Hacker's Guide (Resources List) that came out of this 1 unit class, click here.

Blockchain Technology Collider

Learning about the Emerging Opportunities at the Intersection of Finance, Security, and Cryptography | Spring 2016

Project I

Dapp Development Based on Ethereum and Other Blockchain Technology

Focus includes off-chain data inputs, distributed storage, and web based blockchain query system. Dapp development is judged/evaluated with the objective of minimizing the cost of running such Dapps. A secondary objective is to develop a Dapp that could process data in batch.  Application focus: trust based credentials from off chain including degree certificates onto various blockchains.