Blockchain X-Lab Sponsorship


With Blockchain's emergence as a key technology garnering tremendous interest in a broad variety of industries, SCET launched the Berkeley Blockchain X-Lab in August 2017 to facilitate experimentation and learning for

Sponsors with students, researchers, and faculty at Berkeley.


If you'd like to join us as a

Sponsor, please scroll down for options and details.




Additionally, in early 2019, we will expand this effort and launch our Blockchain Xcelerator

For Industry - Many global and Silicon Valley firms are strategizing to prepare for the market shifts that will occur due to blockchain technology.

A collaboration with Berkeley SCET's Blockchain X-Lab can aid firms in accelerating development through joint projectstraining, hackathons, demo environments, etc., as well as, connections to others in our network, engagement with our exceptional students and facultyand furthering awareness on campus and beyond for their blockchain efforts.  

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Berkeley Blockchain X-Lab Sponsorship Levels

Level 1: Sponsor - This level is customized for the sponsor and involves no long-term commitment. The funding may range from $15K for a sponsored event, to additional costs for broader engagement. Possible elements of the sponsorship may include:
  • Awareness building on the Berkeley campus via newsletter and website articles
  • Speaking in a course
  • Sponsorship of blockchain event
  • Engagment with students
  • Connections to Berkeley blockchain network
  • Research reports
  • All activity to be published in public domain with no IP restrictions
Level 2: Collaborator - This level includes named Industry Fellow participation, 3-year commitment and is customized with the following options:
  • Includes above Level 1 benefits
  • Co-marketing benefits
  • Hackathon participation
  • Publishing of demo environment for student developer engagement
  • Participation in lab or activity as named Industry Fellow at the Center
  • Active collaboration in lab and teaching areas or with others in network
  • Visa processing by UC Berkeley as needed
  • One Industry Fellow per year or two for six months each
  • Learn new blockchain areas for new assignments and levels of responsibility for your firm
Level 3: Partner - This level includes a 3-year commitment and is customized with the following options:
  • Includes Level 1 and 2 benefits
  • Joint research and projects specific to firms needs
  • Additionally includes $25K credit maximum toward SCET executive programs:
    • ELPP: Engineering Leadership Professional Program - over 4.5 months, 1 evening per week in Silicon Valley with professionals from Google, Samsung, VMware, etc. (list price $14,300 / corporate partner price of $7,300; up to 2 people with $7K discount each, annually)
    • SVIL: Silicon Valley Innovation Leadership weeklong program in Berkeley (list price $10,500 / corporate partner price $5,500; up to 2 people with $5K discount each, annually)
    • BMoE Bootcamp: Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - held for 1 week, twice annually in Berkeley (list price $5K/person / corporate partner price of $3K; up to 4 people with $2K discount each, annually)
    • One time only customized executive session or custom workshop for your organization on leading innovation and disruptive technologies - one per year, with Center Faculty (list price typically $35K/day/program; corporate partner price discounted $15K/day).
  • Satellite office at Berkeley Sutardja Center

Click HERE to visit Blockchain at Berkeley student group.

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