This semester, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology is excited to introduce “Best Instructor” and “Best Course Coordinator” awards to recognize outstanding work and commitment to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship.

The awards are intended for individuals who have displayed exemplary dedication and innovation towards excellence in their field, curriculum development and pedagogical practices. We encourage SCET students and instructors to nominate course staff who have been able to arouse their curiosity of subject matter and interest in entrepreneurship and technology.

Please note that submissions will be evaluated based on content and thoroughness and not on quantity.

Please submit your nomination using this form by Monday, Dec. 2.

The following courses are under consideration for the award:

192 (Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship, G. Wang/Justin and Kyle)
190C-006 (Machine Learning, M. Kyriacou)
185-005 (Disrupt Berkeley, R. Rasmussen/Anna)
185-002 (Emerging Technologies, L. Kowalski/Chanel)
191-002 (Tech Entrepreneurship, N. Zafar/Kyle)
191-001 (Tech Entrepreneurship, L. Edwards, E. Henrich/Rhea)
190C-007 (Startup Acceleration, M. Searle)
190C-004 (Venture Finance, B. Reichert)
190G-001 (Startup Semester, R. Rasmussen)
95/195/295 (Newton Lecture Series, V. Howell/Swetha)
186 (Product Management, K. Sandy/Neil and Bryan)
190C-002 (Marketing for Technologists, S. Abel)
185-007 (Alternative Meat, A. Fletcher/Fei)
185-001 (Amazoogle, S. Ghose/Mikela)
171 (Tech Firm Leadership, P. Park/Sumaanyu)
190E-001 (Product Design, R. Powers)
185-001/003/004/005 (Plenary Section, K. Singer)
190E-004 (Deplastifying the Planet, D. Law)
190E-003 (Strategic Thinking in Tech Innovation, S. Torres/Alec)
190C-003 (Critical Products Management, P. Induni)
198 (Off the Record, K. Singer)
190C-001 (High Tech Sales & Marketing, R. P. Singh)
185-004 (Smart Villages, G. Christen/Ram)
185-003 (Blockchain, Privacy and Healthcare, M. Maghsoodnia/Alleanna)

Please refer to the nomination form or email for any further questions.